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Small business and entrepreneurs turning to self-care and ecotherapy to boost mental health

by LLB Reporter
1st Jun 21 12:42 pm

Throughout the pandemic, London’s small business owners have been meeting regularly to discuss the mental health and wellbeing agenda, share knowledge, good practice and highlighting their needs to the Mayor of London.

The FSB London Wellbeing Special Interest Group – a group of like minded small business owners and volunteers committed to helping others throughout 2020/21 were delighted to host the London Wellbeing Solutions event on 26 May with special guests – Clare Langford and Lucinda Forth from ‘Pummel and Knead’ in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week and Month.

FSB London Regional Chair, Michael Lassman said: “As we look forward to restrictions easing further this month, hopefully for good, the prospect of getting back to normal is something to look forward to. Things we took so much for granted prior to 2020, such as holidays, going shopping, eating out, going to the theatre or sporting events and being able to meet face to face with our families, friends and work colleagues are now the subject of such excitement for us all.

“After a year of lockdowns, adapting to new ways of doing business and working from home, the future looks rosy. However, for those who have been significantly impacted during the pandemic, either by bereavement, illness or business and financial difficulties, the transition ‘back to normal’ may not be so easy.

“FSB’s key recommendations for the incumbent Mayor included a need for the London Business Hub to focus on mental health and wellbeing support and to connect the small business providers with public sector opportunities via the NHS social prescribing service to increase services to all Londoners”.

FSB London Wellbeing Solutions Volunteer Event Lead, Schnel Hanson said:  “Self-care and looking after yourself is vital and it was good to be reminded this week that whilst it is tempting to focus solely on getting your business back on track, business owners often need reminding to prioritise their own self-care.

“The approaching summer and easing of restrictions is a perfect opportunity to make the most of the outdoors. We know that daylight is particularly important in boosting mood and there are many activities that can be nourishing for individuals.

“Ecotherapy is based on the idea that people are connected to and impacted by the natural environment. Outdoor activities such as walking, gardening, running, cycling and other sports are all good examples. At the other end of the spectrum, activities such as mindfulness, meditation, massage and yoga can be very mentally nourishing and can often be enjoyed outdoors with a real connection to nature.

“Volunteering my time to FSB London to help others before and during the pandemic has helped improve my wellbeing too. It is human nature to feel good after helping someone out and volunteering has given me new skills and experiences which I am grateful for”.

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