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Sleep deprivation costing the country billions

1st Dec 16 11:33 am

How much sleep do you get a night?

A new study has found many sleep-deprived workers are costing the UK economy £40bn a year and face a much higher risk of death.

The new calculation is based on tired workers being less productive or absent from their work.

Research firm, Rand Europe gathered data from 62,000 people. The loss equated to 1.86 per cent of economic growth.

Many of those sleeping less than six hours a night are 13 per cent more likely to die earlier than those sleeping seven to nine hours.

Although this huge impact sounds bad, the UK ranked higher than both the US and Japan who lost the most days due to a lack of sleep.

The new report is urging employers to recognise and promote the importance of sleep, and is asking them to build nap rooms.

It also advised that staff member should be warned of the use of electronic devices at night as this can prevent sleep.

Marco Hafner, a research leader at Rand Europe and the report’s main author, told the BBC: “The effects from a lack of sleep are massive. Sleep deprivation not only influences an individual’s health and wellbeing but has a significant impact on a nation’s economy,”

Hafner also said that if people who are sleeping under six hours took small steps into increasing their sleep by six to seven hours they could add £24bn to the UK’s economy.

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