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‘Significant evidence’ suggests that 9/11 Twin Towers were ‘blown up from inside’

by LLB staff reporter
27th Aug 21 11:55 am

A family of a British man who was killed in the 9/11 Twin Towers terror attack claim that they have “significant evidence” that they were “blown up from inside.”

Geoff Campbell was one of 2,763 people who were killed in the terrorist attack which saw two commercial aeroplanes being flown into the Twin Towers on the morning of 9/11.

The family of Campbell who have a scientific team have said the towers were in fact laced with explosives and they are claiming “there has been a cover up.”

Geoff’s older brother Matt said, “I believe there has been a cover-up.

“We have scientifically and forensically backed evidence that the official narrative surrounding the Twin Towers collapse on 9/11 is wrong.”

The family have also said that during the 2013 London inquest there was “significant evidence” which was not heard.

Acting Attorney General, Micheal Ellis who is the British government’s top legal advisor was handed a 3,000 page dossier.

Seismographic recordings picked up ground movement 12 miles from the North Tower, which happened 15 seconds before the hijacked American Airlines plane hit the building at 8.46am.

The family are claiming that there are many unanswered questions over what really did happen on 9/11.

Matt said, “I believe that my brother and thousands of others were murdered on 9/11 and there has been a cover-up.

“We are still overcoming this tragedy, but we will never stop seeking the truth.”

Under the “interests of justice” under Section 13 of the UK Coroners Act 1988 the family are demanding an inquest to be re-heard and must demonstrate evidence which was not considered in the first inquiry.

At the time Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda always denied being behind the attack on the Twin Towers.

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