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Seven secrets to organising a successful business event

by Sarah Dunsby
2nd Nov 18 9:17 am

Business events have several functions and often include product launches, conferences, and team celebrations. They offer good opportunities to help you achieve your aims, and offer opportunities to gain insights and views from others, many of which could be industry experts.

In this post, we reveal the secrets to planning and organising a successful business event.

Find the perfect conference venue

The key to finding perfect business meeting venues is to tie this into the event itself. If you are launching a product discovering a suitable venue for it will help boost its appeal. So if you’re launching a new line of clothing, hosting the event somewhere glamorous such as party houses will be in order. If you’re holding your firm’s annual conference, dedicated conference venues with full facilities will be in order.

When thinking about the venue thing about the size. You do not want it to be too small or too big. If you’re unsure opt for big houses for business events. Always go for too big, never too small.

Free Wi-Fi

Giving your attendees free Wi-Fi will not only make you appear generous it will give your guests a chance to tell the world about what you’re doing. If your event is more formal, delegates will be able to use the cloud to access important information they need.

Cool speakers

Cool Speakers are a big draw for business events especially if they are well thought of in their field. To make your event successful get the best speakers you can for your budget.

Panel discussions

On the theme of cool speakers and one way to draw attention to what you are trying to achieve is to line up some form of panel discussion. This can involve two or more guests discussing relevant topics to the event. Audience engagement can be further garnered by taking questions from your audience.

Invite the right guests

If you’re throwing an event for a product launch it is important you invite the right guests. So, if we take our clothing range example above, then it is important that your guests come from the worlds of fashion and lifestyle. If done correctly the exposure on social media, blogs, and commentary can create marketing gold.

Promote on social media

Depending on the circumstances it is important to promote the event heavily on social media and issue a press release. Use your staff as brand ambassadors to further your reach. You may want to reward your staff for doing this. This will make them feel appreciated and promote team bonding throughout your organisation.

Throw an after party

After parties are famously more exciting than the event itself and it gives you and your staff a chance to circulate among the guests and delegates. This can be lavish as you want it or you may prefer a low key affair.

Depending on the nature of the business event, you may want to move to a different venue for the party. You can normally find big houses for business events more suitable for after parties online.

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