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Seven best sites to buy Twitch followers

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15th Sep 22 1:24 pm

This one is the best site to buy Twitch followers right now.


Before going into any further discussion, let us first establish some facts.

What is the difference between bot followers and real followers on Twitch

There is a clear distinction between artificially-generated Twitch followers (bots) and real followers.

When you buy Twitch followers from unscrupulous providers, you get artificial inflation of your follower count – bot followers.

As you can imagine, Twitch frowns badly at bot followers.

In their words

“…fake engagement and artificial inflation of channel statistics are violations of our policies. Participating in, organizing, and/or running these services will lead to an enforcement issued on your account, including and up to indefinite suspension.” Source

If you’re wondering how to get Twitch followers without landing in Twitch’s hot water, you’ve come to the right place. This post reviews 7 best sites to buy Twitch followers.

These sites get you Twitch followers organically, and they also operate a kind of service that fits Twitch’s description of promo services.

“It is important to not confuse this with a legitimate rise in concurrent viewership, such as being hosted, the channel being embedded elsewhere, or some other promotional source.” Source

In other words, when you buy followers on Twitch from the sites listed here, Twitch will not consider the act a violation of its policy but rather a form of boost from a credible promotional source.


Stormlikes is the #1 provider of real, active Twitch followers. This should be your go-to destination if you’re looking to buy Twitch followers for your gaming video channel.

What we love most about Stormlikes is the transparency of its service. Unlike most providers that cower under shady procedures, Stormlikes is happy to share with clients the source of the followers they’re getting.

If you’re wondering how to get Twitch followers the right way, wonder no more. Stormlikes has got you covered. When you buy Twitch followers from here, you push your page up in the algorithm. Thus enabling your target audience to see you quickly.

The big media sites like The daily world, Economic Times, The dubrovnik times, Dailyiowan, Chandigarh metro, and Bristol247 declare Stormlikes.net as the #1 Twitch service provider.

Buying followers from here also helps you build credibility much more quickly. How? You wonder.

When you buy Twitch followers from Stormlikes, you will not only get real, algorithm-satisfying accounts as followers; you’ll also have followers that interact (share, comment, or view your content). When people find comments flooding under your live stream, they will believe you’re indeed credible.

Mind you; it’s advisable to buy Twitch views as you buy Twitch followers. If you have plenty of followers but only get a small number of views on your live stream, people (and even Twitch) will suspect foul play. The best thing to do is to strike a balance between the two, and to do that; you need to buy Twitch viewers.


If you opt to buy Twitch followers from Getafollower.com, your account will be blessed with an array of authentic followers sourced from across the internet.

Twitch is regularly receiving live stream viewers. In fact, according to Statista, Twitch received an average of 2.62 million concurrent viewers. These viewers aren’t watching your content because your profile is buried in a sea of competition.

Allow Getafollower.com to bring you to life. When you use this provider to buy followers on Twitch, your profile will be exposed to the floodgate of incoming viewers visiting Twitch every day. As a result, your channel will rank higher, and more organic viewers/followers will trickle in.

You can also buy Twitch views here to strike that balance between views and follower count we spoke of earlier.


You can buy Twitch followers without jeopardizing your account or your profile credibility. Let no one tell you otherwise. At least, that’s what brands like Like-follower.com are here for.

With cost-friendly packages and safe follower delivery, your account will be fed with real-time followers that won’t land you in trouble. In terms of Twitch views, you can also boost those numbers if you buy Twitch viewers on Like-follower.com.

The only challenge you may run into here is currency conversions. To buy Twitch followers on Like-follower.com, you have to pay in euros.


On Mrpopular.net, anyone can buy followers on Twitch that match their budget. This is the real highlight of this service provider.

If you’re thinking of how to get Twitch followers but don’t seem to know how Mrpopular.net says they’re happy to help out.

What you’ll find most pleasing about this provider is the flexibility of its offers. They have offers that provide real, high-quality Twitch followers, another that provides real, medium-quality followers, and finally, a cheap option that provides real, low-quality followers.

Of course, these packages provide authentic followers, including low-quality offer. The only difference is in the level of engagement you’ll get from the followers. As you can imagine, someone who buys high-quality Twitch followers will definitely enjoy more views from the followers than someone who buys Twitch followers of low-quality.


Sonuker.com is another guaranteed spot to find 100%, genuine Twitch followers. Although the company prides itself on its more-than-you-ordered system, there’s still a huge emphasis on follower quality.

When you buy Twitch followers from this provider, you can expect to get more Twitch followers than you ordered. And in case some of your followers ever decide to leave the app, causing a drop in your follower count, Sonuker will happily replace them with others.


When you are trying to figure out how to get Twitch followers, you want to look for a company with a lot of experience in the business. One such company is Smmportal.com

With many years of experience under their belt, you can bet this provider is reliable.

The argument they make on their site is, “if we’re not so good, our clients won’t be back for more.” Indeed, the fact they’re still in business after such a long time is proof that they know what they’re doing.

If you’re serious and want to buy Twitch followers the right way, this is a good place to look.


Finally on the list is Socialgreg.com – a multifaceted social media promotion company. With over 86 million Twitch followers sold, Socialgreg.com deserves a spot on this list.

Are you looking for a Twitch follower seller that offers you a chance to test the water first? If so, Socialgreg.com might interest you.

Here, you’re not asked to buy Twitch followers the first time you enter the site. Instead, you’re invited to give the free trial a try to see how the process works. Afterward, you can now decide whether to buy Twitch followers on the platform or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about buying Twitch followers

1. Will my Twitch account be banned if I buy Twitch followers?

Yes, and No.

Yes, your Twitch account may be suspended permanently if you buy fake/spambot/artificially-generated Twitch followers.

No, if you buy your Twitch followers from a company selling real, authentic followers.

2. If I buy Twitch followers, will the followers view my streams?

Absolutely. If you buy high-quality Twitch followers, you can rest assured that they will watch your live streams and even leave comments.

3. Where can I buy Twitch followers?

There are lots of Twitch followers’ providers out there. But, alas, a bunch of them are malicious. The sites listed in this post are recommended places to buy Twitch followers.

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