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Russian Foreign Minister claims troops are paying ‘maximum attention’ not to damage civilian infrastructure

by LLB political Reporter
1st Apr 22 4:52 pm

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said their troops are troops are paying “maximum attention” not to damage any civilian infrastructure, he added that they are only targetting military infrastructure.

Lavrov also claimed on Friday afternoon that “it is not a war” going on the Ukraine, but it is merely a “special operation.”

He said the Kremlin’s main aim is to deprive the Kyiv regime which he said has been strengthened by the US and NATO and they want to make Ukraine “anti-Russia.”

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Lavrov then turned his attention on the West and said that they have made their “real face” known and are “unreliable” which is why Russia will now only deal in roubles.

He added that Russia to does not want its “Western masters” to be able to freeze any of their money.

The Russian Foreign Minister accused the West of using blackmail to try to impose their vision on other countries who do not understand their “national identities.”

Speaking of the peace talks Lavrov said nothing has been finalised with Ukraine and negotiations but insists they should continue.

Lavrov told a news conference in India that here is movement in negotiations, with regards to “the impossibility of Ukraine to be a country in the bloc, the impossibility for Ukraine to seek happiness in the Northern Atlantic Alliance.”

He added that Ukraine’s neutral status is an “absolute need” to find any way forward.

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