Home Business News Kremlin warns Ukraine of escalating the war over their attack on Russian soil which will ‘hinder peace talks’

Kremlin warns Ukraine of escalating the war over their attack on Russian soil which will ‘hinder peace talks’

1st Apr 22 4:27 pm

The Kremlin has hit out at the Ukrainian government over their helicopter air strike obliterating a fuel depot in western Russia, which they warn will hinder future peace talks.

Russia have accused the Ukraine of blowing up the fuel depot in Belgorod, which the Kremlin threatens, if true then this will mark a significant escalation of the war.

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Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Pescov warned, “This is not something that can be perceived as creating comfortable conditions for the continuation of negotiations.”

A Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesperson Oleksandr Motuzianyk said on Friday afternoon they “will neither confirm nor refute” Ukraine’s involvement in obliterating the fuel depot in Belgorod.

“I would like to emphasize that as of today, the Ukrainian state is carrying out a defense operation to repel armed Russian aggression on the territory of Ukraine.

“And this does not mean at all that Ukraine should be responsible for all miscalculations and for all disasters and all events that occur on the territory of Russia.

“This is not the first time we see such accusations.

“Therefore, I will neither confirm nor refute this information,” Motuzianyk said at a briefing at the Ukrainian media center in Kyiv on Friday.

This comes after the Ukrainian military attack helicopters blew up a fuel storage depot in the Russian city of Belgrorod with footage showing several missiles hitting the facility early on Friday morning.

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