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Robots may be the answer to social distancing

7th May 20 4:17 am

It’s becoming clear that social distancing measures are here to stay for some time yet, with some sources suggesting that we may be expected to practice social distancing until 2022.

This is causing huge concerns within industry, where the practicalities of adjusting working systems to adhere to social distancing rules and still turn a profit are very complex. When production opens fully once again, many factories are going to be forced to massively scale down operations in order to secure employee welfare and insure themselves against legal claims.

Luckily, there is a solution. Businesses and factories planning to reopen with fewer staff can consider hiring a cobot – a collaborative robot – to increase productivity without breaking the two-metre rule. Cobots can work alongside staff to ensure that staffing levels remain relatively normal, while social distancing measures are still being followed. Cobots can be utilised to work alongside staff in all kinds of industries, including factories, restaurants, and even coffee shops.

Tim Warrington, of www.bots.co.uk, explains: “We have seen a huge upturn in our free consultation service for all types of sectors. If industry coffee shops, restaurants, and cafés can cure the social distancing measures that are here to stay for at least 12 months then they can, in effect, open fully.”

How does this work? A cobot is a robot, which means it cannot catch nor transmit the coronavirus, and is safe to work near people without risking transmission. Businesses can hire cobots to complete certain tasks, including working on manufacturing lines and even serving coffees and sandwiches.

This means, for example, that restaurants can reopen without concerns over transmission when servers approach customers to serve food; cobots can take on this role instead. Cobots are also a cost-effective and efficient solution to staffing issues, which makes them the perfect choice for companies still recovering from the financial hit of lockdown.

Hotels and hospitals are even hiring a new, advanced form of UVC robot which uses UVC light to kill viruses throughout the premises. These robots are a simple and economical answer to the widespread antiviral cleaning measures businesses will have to take once restrictions are eased.

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