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Regent’s University London’s business technology degree students gain practical help from leading web design agency

by John Saunders
19th Nov 21 11:08 am

Students studying a Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship degree course at Regent’s University London recently attended a live entrepreneurship boot camp sponsored by Creative Brand Design, a prominent web design London studio.

The course was designed to provide students the fundamentals they need to establish digital careers or launch startup technology businesses.

Part of the course involves “learning by doing” through technology and industry boot camps, such as the one organised by Creative Brand Design, according to the university’s website.

These boot camps intend to provide course students with real-world business knowledge from some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs and businesses. It covers the methods, opportunities, and potential difficulties for anyone looking to forge a digital job or establish a technology company.

Overview of the course

The Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship program prepares students for the new economy, which consists of emerging high-growth businesses that are technologically advanced.

It aims to develop tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and technology thought leaders by providing students with the information and digital skills necessary to thrive in business. Several essential competencies get taught in this course, including:

  • Skills in negotiation, teamwork, and leadership;
  • Finance, marketing, management, and innovation in the business world;
  • Skills in time management and critical thinking;
  • Data analysis and visualisation technical competencies.

One of the motivations for the course’s establishment is to address rising concerns about how certain universities and colleges are failing to teach students the skills they need to succeed in everyday, real-life situations.

With a comprehensive combination of business theory, tech boot camps, and practical, hands-on exercises, the Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship degree course from Regent’s University London aims to address those issues.

Why work with a web design London agency?

Because of the degree course’s multifaceted nature, it necessitates the participation of specialists from numerous fields of business and technology. As a result, Regents University chose to collaborate with Creative Brand Design, a top web design firm in London.

Creative Brand Design’s boot camp accomplished two objectives. For starters, because the firm got founded from humble beginnings, students could learn about the business startup process from Christopher Baker, the firm’s director.

Second, the company could offer each student hands-on assistance in getting started on one of their major projects: generating a web design specification and constructing a website.

Students in the Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship degree course understood the design and business aspects of their project thanks to Creative Brand Design’s engagement, especially because web design is at the heart of what the firm does.

The Creative Brand Design boot camp included the following parts:

How to start a tech company

Each course participant initially received a comprehensive overview of starting and running a firm in the technology industry.

One of the most important lessons they gained about building a successful business is that freelancing can convert any hobby into a profitable enterprise.

Students also learned how to assess market demand and pivot their services to get profitable long-term partnerships with other firms and organisations.

The boot camp also discussed how a tech business might implement a hybrid company model. Students learnt how to use various principles to utilise the marketplace better and recruit a more global talent pool.

Customer satisfaction was also a hot topic throughout the discussions. The boot camp taught students to concentrate on quality assurance while also remembering to keep their clients happy.

The degree course students also learnt the importance of forecasting and preventing overstock crises or failure to meet the high demand for their services.

Students got taught why it is beneficial to have a diverse workload with no customer accounting for more than 5% of the total time spent. Diversified workloads help keep average turnovers at a safe level and avoid “dry periods” throughout the year.

Brand storytelling

Creative Brand Design’s business and technology boot camp included a segment on what’s getting delivered in today’s digital marketplace.

The discussions centred on interaction and brand storytelling. During this boot camp session, students also learned the value of regularly devoting time and effort to learning new technologies.

Offering the best in storytelling-driven brand experiences provides firms with a winning shot at significant contracts from large enterprises and government agencies, according to Creative Brand Design.

Students also learned how SEO (search engine optimisation) is essential for all websites and why its framework automatically gets included in all pages.

Finally, the need for making each site interactive got emphasised. The boot camp invited students to think about how animation and video content may help clients communicate their brand messages better to their target consumers.

Web design methodology

Students in the Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship degree course learned how Creative Brand Design produces websites and online apps for its clients during the web design methodology part of the boot camp.

The Discovery step of the process is where designers determine the demands of their clients. Wireframing is the next step, which involves sketching up an early design concept. Designers test their ideas in a collaborative atmosphere throughout the Prototyping stage.

Following that, the Development step entails producing a “beta” version of the elements created during the Wireframing and Prototyping phases. After adding all of the essential content in the Population stage, there are the Testing and Launch stages.

How the boot camp impacted students

Students in Regent’s University London’s Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship degree courses got one-on-one coaching and support from a prominent industry expert as a consequence of the boot camp.

The business aspects of managing a digital agency, such as Creative Brand Design, were taught to the students. They also learnt how to scope, develop, and test a website, which is something they’ll have to accomplish as part of their studies.

A Q&A session ran concurrently with the boot camp, providing students with additional support. It aided in the development of a framework they may utilise to become entrepreneurs or pursue careers in digital technology in the future.

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