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Ramneek Sidhu approaches London’s Digital Marketing industry with optimism

by John Saunders
2nd Dec 21 2:16 pm

Digital marketing is a powerful asset for London-based businesses.

With more than 50% of UK consumers signing up to email campaigns for coupons and discounts, and 60% making an online purchase based on an email recommendation, digital marketing has a firm foothold in London.

For Ramneek Sidhu, this development is nothing out of the ordinary – digital marketing is his arena of expertise, so a firm understanding of where the industry goes is natural.

 The face behind “Digital Kings”, a UAE-founded digital marketing agency specialising in celebrity clientele, Sidhu remains optimistic about the future of digital marketing, with a firm industry knowledge on full display.

 The primary client base of Digital Kings is celebrities and individuals of influence. However, the company also has a strong relationship with many businesses, enabling them to grow through tailored marketing solutions. Sidhu himself describes his approach as “extensive market research and reading the mind of the consumer”.

 Fittingly for an industry grounded in a constantly shifting digital landscape, Sidhu remains committed to furthering his education surrounding marketing trends. The hustle for evolving existing services is a constant one, but a challenge the CEO approaches with zest.

 Part of Ramneek’s success is attributable to the extensive network of contracts built up using Facebook and Instagram. A careful watch of social media is heavily recommended for any digital marketing company – 89% of businesses have a social media account.

 Like other forward-thinking consultants in the industry, Sidhu understands the trend of digital marketing. As the world moves into an increasingly digital era – one where online shopping and social media rule decision making – the need for digital marketing companies remains high.

 It isn’t difficult to see how the world of digital marketing could expand and progress as a result. There’s incredible amounts of money being invested into this industry because demand remains high.

 It’s all down to passion. For people like Ramneek, passion is everything. It drives what he does, how he moves forward, the kind of attitude he employs towards things. It isn’t at all difficult to see why this man has become one of the most powerful digital marketers to come from the UAE in some time.

 It all adds up to the power that Sidhu holds in terms of what he can do for clients. This is a man who puts emphasis on the importance of innovation and education. It reaps numerous rewards as a result.

 For companies like Digital Kings, the future is all about expansion. London is just one of the places where digital marketing is developing a firm foothold. More and more businesses are arriving at the irrefutable conclusion that to thrive, a firm grasp on social media and digital marketing is required.

 London continues to be a hotbed of digital marketing trends for the UK as a whole, and it is clear to see why there is big business to be had. The power of digital marketing is irrefutable at this point, so it’s only a matter of time until all major businesses abandon traditional marketing methods and shift towards a focus on digital offerings. 

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