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QA services: How it can save your money

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21st Jan 20 5:23 pm

The main goal of Quality Assurance engineers is to help developers create high-quality software products. However, some people are still thinking that quality assurance is only about bug testing. But indeed, it’s something bigger. Their overriding purpose is to prevent errors and ensure the quality of the whole development process.

So in this review, we’ll analyse the significance of quality assurance services. Some software development companies don’t have in-house quality assurance specialists and don’t want to hire outsourced experts. Let’s analyse the main reasons why they should do this.

What are the main duties of QA engineers?

Here are a few crucially important tasks, QA specialists do every day:

  • They find weaknesses and inconsistencies in the software product at all the development stages.
  • They help developers define the main project requirements.
  • QA specialists deliver comprehensive information about the quality of the software product.
  • They test the product thoroughly during all the development phases.
  • They help the development team make sure that they deliver a high-quality product.

Moreover, QA specialists are interested in the development of a user-friendly product. So when hiring specialists, you can feel certain that your software product is user-friendly, have no bugs and errors. However, you need to make sure you deal with the professionals in this area but not weekend experts. For example, the team of LitsLink has already been in this business for many years. Their QA engineering team knows for sure how to predict all possible ways of user behavior and check whether your software properly responds in all the cases.

Why do software development companies need QA?

Here are a few reasons why software development companies should use Quality Assurance services:

  • QA can secure your business. If you want to prevent money losses, you need to make sure the software properly works. This is especially true when your app is engaged in buying staff. If it is not properly checked, it may occur that your users don’t pay you. QA experts will double-check everything and help you save cash.
  • Protect your reputation. Just imagine the situation, you download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Market and it doesn’t properly work. What will you do? In all likelihood, you’ll delete it and install another app with the same functionality. So your users will do the same if your program or app has bugs or errors. Remember that it is really hard to change first impressions. So before uploading the app to the App Store or Google Play Market, you should make sure it runs smoothly.
  • Save money. When bugs are notices at the final stage of software development, it is really hard to fix them. When fixing one bug, you’ll find a few others. As a result, you’ll see that the whole system should be rewritten. All in all, it is cheaper to prevent errors than to fix them at the final stage.
  • QA service helps you ensure that the product is of decent quality. The term “quality” is too broad; it includes lots of aspects. No one but an experienced QA team knows what parameters should be checked to make sure you deliver a reputable product.

QA team starts working on your product even before the development begins. So together you’ll be able to properly plan your work and avoid potential errors.

What types of testing the software should undergo before release

Here are a few things you need to pay attention to before ordering QA services. Remember that when choosing a company that offers QA services, you need to feel certain that you deal with experts in this niche. Software testing is impossible without these stages:

  • Automated Testing. Its main mission is to make a series of automated tests without human intervention. By the way, this is a must-have procedure for performance-critical apps. As a result, testers will see what particular bugs don’t allow the program to properly work.
  • Manual Testing. It is needed when a certain task can’t be checked automatically. In this case, the task is performed by a professional who knows everything about software quality.
  • Functional testing. Its main goal is to check whether each function of your app properly works. A tester provides inputs and checks if outputs align with expected outcomes.

It doesn’t matter whether your product is, simple or complex; you simply can’t do without QA services. If you are a goal-oriented company and you don’t want to lose your clients because of unnoticed bugs, you should invest in the services of QA specialists. They will make it possible for your clients to enjoy your product!

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