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Putin doesn’t ‘have enough men for one new army’ as he tries to mobilise more cannon fodder up to the age of 70

2nd Aug 23 2:24 pm

Vladimir Putin has lost more than 247,000 soldiers after 18 months since the war started in Ukraine and he is desperately trying to enlist more men.

Russia has mobilised most of his reservists to “back fill” their established formations” which will most likely be sent as cannon fodder to Ukraine.

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) said in their latest intelligence briefing that the Kremlin has sent most of their reservists “to back-fill established formations, or as part of territorial defence infantry regiments.”

The MoD suggested that Putin’s plan could be that he needs to bolster his forces should they need to engage with NATO troops.

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The MoD said, Russia will likely deploy any new formation as a reserve force in Ukraine.

“However, in the longer term, Russia aspires to strengthen its forces facing NATO.”

Rubbing salt in the Putin’s wounds the MoD added, “Without a major new wave of mandatory mobilisation, Russia is unlikely to find enough new troops to resource even one new army.”

However, the intelligence update said, the 3rd Army Corps “generally performed very poorly,” who were designed to be self-sufficient.

A new law has been passed raising the age limit for Russian reservists up to 70-years old for high ranking officers, 65 for senior officers and those who have finished their compulsory service can be mobilised up to the age of 55.

Furious pensioners have started to through Molotov cocktails at enlistment offices as a result of raising the fighting age of men to be sent to the killing fields in Ukraine.

Various clips have appeared on social media of people throwing Molotov cocktails at the doors of enlistment centres across Russia which is evident people are now standing up against Putin’s regime.

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