Home Business News Putin could ‘extrapolate’ a total of around ‘25 million reservists’ and all ‘military service contracts are extended indefinitely’

Putin could ‘extrapolate’ a total of around ‘25 million reservists’ and all ‘military service contracts are extended indefinitely’

21st Sep 22 2:46 pm

Vladimir Putin confirmed in a national address to Russia that everyone who has previous military experience will be called up to fight in Ukraine, this will be around 300,000 further reserve troops who will be sent to the frontline in a partial mobilisation.

However, should Putin decide on a full scale mobilisation of all ex military “who at some stage severed” in the Russian military then the Russian tyrant could “extrapolate” something “like 25 million reservists.”

Former Defence Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind told GB News, “This is another humiliation for President Putin.

“To have any mobilisation at all is an admission that he’s losing the war, that he hasn’t got adequate troops and that he also has not been able to convince volunteers to join the forces.

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“Because he had been trying desperately, including trying to persuade convicts to join the army in exchange to reduce their sentences.

“So that’s obviously been a farce and this is now what we’re facing.”

He added, “He was dangerous even before he was humiliated but this was a complete disaster from the moment the war began because he was forced to withdraw from Kyiv, the capital, which he thought he was going to take in a few days.

“He’s now having to call in more troops because he knows his existing army is losing every day.

“That is very bad news for him.”

Retired Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell said the call-up is far from impressive because they are “are not trained, they’re not experienced” and they are far from battle-hardened soldiers.

He told Sky News, “Because of conscription you serve in the military [in Russia] for a short time.

“They’ve actually got something like two million reservists who’ve served in the military in the last five years, and if you extrapolate it’s something like 25 million reservists that have at some stage served in the military.

“The challenge with all these numbers is that they look very grand. In context, 300,000 sounds a big number but these people, they’re not ready, and this is an incredibly hostile environment.

“Quantity has a quality all of its own but this could be extremely dangerous for Russia. None of the military experts believe this will be a game-changer for Russia.”

Dmitry Grozoubinski who was born Ukrainian and is a former Australian trade negotiator and diplomat sand that all Russian military contracts have now been “extended indefinitely.”

He said, “Potentially the most significant part of Putin’s partial mobilisation decree: All military service contracts (typically 3-6 months) currently in force extended indefinitely.”

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