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Punters order food a pint, but don’t eat the food to get around rules

by LLB staff reporter
7th Dec 20 4:29 pm

Under the government’s latest round of new rules for the hospitality sector, people are only allowed to order alcohol if a substantial meal is served, such as a Scotch egg and sandwiches.

Many diners are not eating their food after ordering and are simply drinking. A barman who works in a tier 2 area has hit out at punters for wasting their food.

Will Dalrymple wrote on Twitter, “If you’re desperate to go to/support a pub, go when you’re hungry.

“Aside from the APPALLING food waste I’ve witnessed over the last two days (scraping whole meals, untouched, into the bin because the people who bought them fancied one pint before catching the train home) you really should be actually eating in order to be able to enjoy alcoholic drinks.

“While I can sort of see the rationale behind the rules, they’re horribly vague and put bar staff in a difficult position. Each pub will interpret the rules differently. Accept it.

“Please don’t put pressure on staff to bend the rules/lose your temper for enforcing them (looking at you, regulars). The rules *sort of* make sense when followed correctly, but they are also quite dumb and are making things needlessly difficult for pubs. Pls help make things easier x”

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