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MP warns Ministers that ‘winter is coming’ and urges Sunak to send generators to Kyiv and set up a ‘power for Ukraine’ scheme

7th Dec 22 4:09 pm

A former Conservative MP is urging the government to set up a “power for Ukraine” scheme, so that civilians across the country have access to electricity so that they can eat and stay warm over the winter.

This comes as Moscow has been accused of trying to “freeze” Ukrainians into submission by targeting civilian infrastructure leaving many without light or heat.

Vladimir Putin’s constant widespread air strikes is causing mass power blackouts with water shortages as Russia continuously target energy infrastructure and are bombing sites that have been newly repaired.

The British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said that Russia are targeting energy infrastructure across the country in an attempt to “freeze” Ukrainians into submission.

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Mark Francois told MPs in the House of Commons, “In Game of Thrones it famously said that ‘winter is coming’ and no one is more conscious of this than the Ukrainians.

“As a member of the defence committee having recently returned from Ukraine, as well as a cry for more weapons their second greatest cry was for generators to help power things like hospitals through the winter if they lose more power stations to Russian missile strikes.”

Cleverly told reporters on 29 November in Bucharest ahead of a meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers to discuss more support for Ukrainian armed forces.

He said, “We have seen Vladimir Putin attempting to weaponise energy supplies right from the very start of this conflict.

“This targeting of civilian infrastructure of energy infrastructure is obviously designed to try and freeze the Ukrainians in submission.”

Ukraine are struggling to restore full power so that civilians can stay warm as the temperature has fallen well below zero.

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