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Sunak warns ‘Putin will not stop in Ukraine’ and he will be ‘emboldened’ if he wins the war

23rd Apr 24 3:31 pm

The Prime Minister is visiting Poland today where he has met with his counterpart Donald Tusk and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Giving a speech on Tuesday afternoon Rishi Sunak warned that Vladimir Putin will “not stop in Ukraine” and if he wins the war in Ukraine he will be “emboldened.”

He said, “Since the Cold War ended, the freedom of our continent has been based a simple idea – that it is for people to decide the fate of their countries, not foreign armies.”

The Prime Minister said if Putin wins the war then the “principle of sovereignty would be undermined.”

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He added, “We would be dragged back to a world where brute force rather than the democratic will of free peoples, would shape borders and decide futures.

“And Putin will not stop in Ukraine. Win there and he and indeed others will be emboldened.

“He has the desire, if not yet the capacity to attack other countries in Europe, potentially including NATO allies, who we would be bound to defend just as they are bound to defend us.”

In a warning shot to Western allies and the US he said that to fail supporting Ukraine means there will be a “far greater” costs than had they repelled Putin by sending weaponry to Kyiv.

The British Prime Minister pledged that the UK will send Ukraine £ billion in support this year.

He said, “We will provide them with the largest ever package of UK military equipment – this will include more than 400 vehicles, £4m rounds of ammunition, 60 boats and offshore raiding craft, vital air defences and long range precision guided storm shadow missiles.”

The NATO chief said the UK is a “highly valued NATO ally” and that Sunak’s announcement on Tuesday confirms the “vital role the UK plays in our alliance.”

Stoltenberg added, “Today your announcement of additional support shows once again the British people’s commitment to Ukraine.

“I welcome your cast iron commitment to continue these levels of support to Ukraine for as long as needed.”

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