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Sunak puts UK on a ‘war footing’ and will send 16,000 troops and fighter jets to Russia’s border

24th Apr 24 11:45 am

The UK are to send 16,000 troops, Eurofighter and Typhoon fighter jets to Russia’s border in Poland in an agreement between Rishi Sunak and his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk.

During a press conference t British Prime Minister and the Polish Prime Minister’s Chancellery spoke about World War Two when they fought together.

The British Prime Minister said, “We will strengthen our co-operation in all formats. Typhoon fighters will patrol Polish airspace. We will also send 16,000 soldiers in support.

“Poland is at the heart of ensuring security throughout Europe.”

Both London and Warsaw are looking to co-operate in weapons production which will help to create a co-ordinated security policy to defend the UK and Europe.

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Tusk said, “It’s time to end the period of competition and competition between various initiatives for the defence of Europe.

“Now we need readiness and commitment. The Polish-British agenda is long and broad.”

On Tuesday Sunak put the UK on a “war footing” by increasing defence spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2023.

Sunak warned, “In a world that is the most dangerous it has been since the end of the Cold War, we cannot be complacent.

“As our adversaries align, we must do more to defend our country, our interests and our values.”

Sunak told British troops who are on NATO’s eastern flank close to Ukraine, “We will put the UK’s own defence industry on a war footing.

“One of the central lessons of the war in Ukraine is that we need deeper stockpiles of munitions, and for industry to be able to replenish them more quickly.”

“During the press briefing with the Polish Prime Minister Sunak said, “It’s time for us re-arm.”

In Mid-March The Polish Prime Minister issued a warning to Europe that “we are in a pre-war era” which has not been “seen since 1945.”

NATO are now considering a “counter-attack” as Russian missiles are either crossing into Poland or landing very close to the border, this is also includes Moldova and Romania.

The Polish Prime Minister said during an interview with newspaper network LENA, “We have not had a situation like this since 1945.

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