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Moving back to the city

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17th Dec 21 5:18 pm

It is estimated that around 700,000 people left London at the start of 2021. National lockdowns and increased home working opportunities had many people reconsidering their living arrangements and led to somewhat of an exodus of people leaving the city in search of more green space and a better work-life balance. But what if the ‘good life’ reality isn’t quite as good as the dream?

Many of those who left the city are now speaking up about finding the transition challenging. The rural idyll now, for many, feeling isolating and disconnected.

What are the options for those who are craving the vibrancy and convenience of city life?

If you’ve decided to join the numerous other ex-Londoners returning to the city in 2022, you’ve picked a great time to make the move.

Rightmove suggests that Boxing Day to New Year’s Day is the busiest period for online property searches. Last year they had 51 million views and this year, with a shortage of properties coming to market, any homes listed before the Christmas period are sure to get a lot of attention as people start making plans for the new year. There are still plenty of people dreaming of life in the countryside, so a well-presented, well-priced home is sure to get snapped up quickly.

It’s also a great time to be looking for a new property in London. Although the market has picked up in the last few months, London has not seen the strength of price growth experienced elsewhere in the UK. This means there are bargains to be had for the savvy buyer. You’ll need to be quick though. Desirable properties are experiencing strong demand, so you’ll need to be in a good position to beat the competition. For example, anyone hoping to get an offer accepted on a new property should ensure their current property is already under offer. If you’ve found your next property before you manage to sell, and are looking for a quick sale in order to be able to proceed with your purchase, you could explore getting an offer from a home buying company. Able to complete the purchase of your current property on a date of your choice, a sale to a genuine cash home buying company effectively makes you a chain-free buyer, which makes you highly desirable to anyone looking to sell.

Your other alternative, if you’re keen to begin the new year back in the city, would be to rent out your current home and look for a rental in the city. This would leave you with a few different options for the future, especially if you’re not sure what your long-term plans are.

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