Metro Bank reduces rates across its 90 per cent LTV residential fixed buy to let and large loan ranges


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  • Launches high-street best-buy Residential 90 per cent LTV 5-Year Fixed
  • Rate reductions of up to 40 bps on core BTL range
  • Large loan range pricing cut by up to 30 bps and reduced application fees
  • Launches new large loan range for properties up to £10 million

Metro Bank, the revolution in British banking, has today announced a number of changes to both its Residential and Buy-To-Let (BTL) product ranges.

Charles Morley, Director Mortgage Distribution at Metro Bank said: “Today’s announcement demonstrates the breadth of our mortgage range.

“We’re here to support everyone, whether you’re a first-time buyer looking to get your foot onto the property ladder through our joint-borrower sole-proprietor mortgages; a landlord wishing to benefit from our use of top-slicing; or a customer needing a choice when it comes to obtaining a larger loan.

“Our wide range of products, alongside our case-by-case approach to underwriting, is proving a winning combination for customers and brokers across the UK.”

BTL mortgages

Rates for BTL mortgages under £2 million have been reduced by up to 40 bps, with new rates now available from:

BTL 65 per cent LTV 75 per cent LTV
2-Year Fixed 2.59 per cent 2.69 per cent
3-Year Fixed 2.69 per cent 2.79 per cent
5-Year Fixed 2.79 per cent 2.89 per cent
2-Year Tracker NA 2.54 per cent*

*Assumes Bank of England Base Rate at 0.25 per cent

For BTL loans between £2 million and £3 million, the new rates are:  

BTL 70 per cent LTV
2-Year Fixed 2.79 per cent
3-Year Fixed 2.89 per cent
5-Year Fixed 2.99 per cent
2-Year Tracker 2.54 per cent*

*Assumes Bank of England Base Rate at 0.25 per cent

The bank’s new range for BTL loans up to £5 million, are as follows:

BTL 60 per cent LTV
2-Year Fixed 2.89 per cent
3-Year Fixed 2.99 per cent
5-Year Fixed 3.09 per cent
2-Year Tracker 2.64 per cent*

*Assumes Bank of England Base Rate at 0.25 per cent

Residential mortgages

For residential mortgages under £2 million, the bank has reduced its 5-Year Fixed up to 90 per cent LTV by 10 bps to 2.54 per cent.

Rates for Residential 2 and 3-Year Fixed have marginally increased and the Residential 5-Year Fixed at 65 per cent and 70 per cent LTV have been withdrawn, with rates now starting from 1.84 per cent at 75 per cent LTV.

Residential 80 per cent LTV 85 per cent LTV
2 and 3-Year Fixed  1.94 per cent 2.04 per cent

The bank has also reduced rates across its large loan range by up to 30 bps, with application fees also cut from £4,999 to £1,999.

For residential properties between £2 million and £5 million, rates are now available from:          

Residential 70 per cent LTV
2-Year Fixed 1.89 per cent
3-Year Fixed 1.89 per cent
5-Year Fixed 1.99 per cent
2-Year Tracker 1.84 per cent*
5-Year Tracker   1.84 per cent*

*Assumes Bank of England Base Rate at 0.25 per cent

Metro Bank has also introduced a brand-new large loan range for loans up to £10 million, with residential rates now available from: 

Residential 50 per cent LTV
2-Year Fixed 1.99 per cent
3-Year Fixed 1.99 per cent
5-Year Fixed 2.09 per cent
2-Year Tracker 1.94 per cent*
5-Year Tracker 1.94 per cent*