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Met Police chief is ‘pathetic’ as he will not ban the hate march and London will descend into ‘carnage’

by LLB political Reporter
8th Nov 23 11:52 am

The Metropolitan Police chief Sir Mark Rowley has been called “a coward” who is hiding “behind every excuse” to ban the pro-Palestinian million strong march which will coincide with Remembrance Day.

There are calls for the “coward” Met Police chief to be removed from his position as he is refusing to use the emergency powers in place to ban what has been dubbed the “hate march.”

The organisers of the anti-Israel protests have refused to listen to the Met Police to not protest this weekend, which has led to many asking who is in control?

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Many of the protesters openly support the banned terrorist group Hamas and protesters have been heard shouting “Jihad” which means Holy war in the streets of London and have also been heard chanting anti-Semitic words.

English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson has called on football hooligans and British men to mobilise to be in London in a call to arms on Remembrance Day and there are fears London will descend into “carnage.”

The Democratic Football Lads Alliance have also issued a call to arms who are a right-wing organisation who use football fan networks which spread Islamophobic hate.

Robinson said, “British men are mobilising for Saturday to be in London” to “show our Government and show our police and show Hamas and everyone sitting around the world saying ‘Britain has fallen’ that there is a resistance.”

A post on the group’s Facebook page said, “Vets have reached out and asked for our support due to the threat from the far-left and pro-Palestinian supporters to disrupt the Remembrance Day parade.

“We are calling on all football lads up and down the country to join us in standing shoulder to shoulder with our veterans that fought for our freedom.”

Stoke North MP Jonathan Gullis told the Express that the pro-Palestinian protests should “absolutely be banned.”

He added, “Mark Rowley is being a coward. I am sorry he can refer this to the Home Secretary and say ‘can I get permission to cancel this?’

“To hide behind every excuse under the sun is pathetic and embarrassing.

“He has brought shame upon the Met Police.”

The police have been blasted for allowing protesters to wave black jihadi flags and glorifying Hamas terrorist atrocities on British streets.

Reform UK leader Richard Tice said: “If all kicks off at the weekend Rowley must resign Monday morning or be fired.”

Sir Mark insists “the threshold has not been reached” to ban the pro-Palestinian march.

He said, “The Remembrance events will not be disturbed. Whatever events and protests go on we will do our upmost to protect those because they are so critical.

“People shouldn’t be in fear that those are going to be compromised, we will do everything possible to make sure they are not.”

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