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Make your hobby a career: cooking school

by Sarah Dunsby
15th Aug 18 10:25 am

The best part of higher education is that you can pursue something that truly interests you. Many schools specialize in specific career paths. Academic colleges are not the only to gain a lucrative career. Take the time to find the right situation to pursue your dreams. Cooking professionals are always in high demand. Restaurants fill daily desires for eating out, and are especially helpful in tourist areas. Specialty restaurants bring culture from around the world into various cities. If you voluntarily spend hours in your own kitchen creating masterpieces, this may be the right career path for you. Look for these attributes when searching for a cooking school.


It is important to find a school with a good reputation. When you are applying for jobs, certain school names really stand out on your resume. You can find out more about a school by checking out their credentials, graduation percentage, and reviews from students. It is also a good idea to take a tour of the school before making a commitment. Ask to sit in on class and strike up a conversation with other students. You may also like to find out the type of jobs former students have been able to find and what kind of help for job searching is offered.


Cooking is not something that can be learned from a book only. You need to see, smell, and taste the items you are learning about. A good cooking school is equipped with enough kitchen accessories for each student to get enough hands-on time. At a certain point, the majority of your classes should include time cooking or learning how to use various types of tools and appliances. Be sure to ask about the details of class time. Look through the course catalog and read the descriptions each one that you need to complete the degree program. Le Cordon Bleu professional cookery school can prepare you for the demands of a restaurant career.


The main goal of going to school is to get a job after you are done. Look for a school that has relationships with local restaurant. You can often apply for internships through your school.

This gives you the opportunity to be in an actual restaurant kitchen before you are out on your own. Many of these may also lead to jobs. An internship is a great thing to have on your resume, as it shows you have experience and proper training.

Cooking school is a very specific educational niche. It can easily help you focus on your interest instead of taking classes you may never use. The training you receive is set up to get you familiar with the layout of a restaurant kitchen, the specialized equipment, and cooking tools. If cooking is something that you have enjoyed your whole life, this may be a great option for you. Many people also have a natural talent for cooking. Check the credentials and reputation of the school you choose. You need to also consider the teaching methods and internship opportunities. The right school can have you trained properly, as well as help place you in a great job.

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