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Let the relationships bloom with flowers

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19th Dec 19 11:22 am

Let the relationships and emotions blossom with a bunch of fresh flowers. Add color and light in your relationships with colorful flowers to your loved ones in Germany.  You can even pick the premium flowers and wonderfully express your emotions. Flower delivery in Germany makes special occasions of your loved ones more exclusive with your fragrant gift.

The best of the German florists and their bloom is chosen to ensure your gift remains special and unique in all ways. Bigger and beautiful, these bouquets will mean a lot for your family and friends. What makes flower delivery in Germany even more special is the fact that the country has flowers in abundance in its landscape. Furthermore, flowers play an integral role in the country’s traditions and holidays. There is an island called Mainau Island in Germany. Located in the middle of Lake Constance, this island is also called the ‘island of flowers.’ In Germany, the Easter celebrations are considered incomplete with the beautiful display of flowers alongside the Easter tree.

Flowers in German culture

In Germany, some flowers like carnations, lilies, and roses are in abundance. However, the stunning cornflower is the national flower of Germany. This violet-blue bloom never fails to draw attention and represents the true spirit of the nation. Here flowers are considered an integral part of the culture. Besides, there are specific rules when it comes to gifting flowers. You will always gift flowers in odd numbers. However, the number 13 is a strict ‘No.’ Carnations are the flowers for mourning, and flowers like lilies are chosen for funerals.

The popular choice of flowers in Germany

Blumen-Koch Berlin

These make an integral part of colorful bouquets here. Vivid and fresh, the florist makes some fantastic floral arrangements with these flowers. So beautiful are these flowers that even you can try with your creativity and come up with your design.

Petite Fleur

This flower fits well in all kinds of the bouquet. Bouquets with petite fleur are loaded with shades and have an unstructured beauty. A representative of the German countryside, these freshly picked blooms when in the display are a sight of beauty.

Blumen Heller

These look amazing in every kind of bouquet. For the ones keen on color and aesthetics, blumen heller is the flowers for them. These seasonal bouquets will be the best when gifting on birthdays or housewarming ceremonies. Blumen Heller is flowers that make home décor even more enchanting.

German Blooms

Affordable and adorable, these flowers make a beautiful gift for the people in love. German blooms are perfect for the moment when you are about to express your love or to try to show your gratitude towards the loved ones.


Your romance will stay incomplete without marsano flowers. That three-word phrase of ‘I Love You’ remains incomplete when not accompanied by these flowers. These flowers stand out boldly and impress with their colors. There cannot be another elegant way to express your emotions.

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