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Labour MP called a ‘rancid hypocrite’ for meeting married lover during lockdown

31st May 20 3:19 pm

Senior Labour whip Rosie Duffield has resigned only after it emerged that she had broken the strict lockdown rules to meet with her married lover.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Duffield met with her married lover in April to go for a walk together, long before the government’s lockdown easing, which under the rules meant, people were not allowed to meet with others from different households.

Duffield said, “My partner and I have been attempting to navigate a difficult personal situation as responsibly as possible.

“I apologise that during that process, we breached the guidelines.”

“A relationship breakdown is difficult at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic.

“I hope people can understand why I took the steps I did and know that I take responsibility for the breaches that occurred and for which I apologise.”

However, this has provoked outrage and she has been called a “rancid hypocrite,” following Dominic Cummings and then Ian Blackford being pushed into the spotlight over their alleged breaches.

Blackford was called a “hypocrite” last week for travelling 600-miles during the coronavirus lockdown from his London home to his home in the Isle of Skye.

Kerry-Anne Mendoza, Author and Editor at-Large at The Canary UK wrote on Twitter, “Tonight, my drink of choice will be Centrist tears over that rancid hypocrite Rosie Duffield. Buh-bye!”

Susannah Rayner said, “I spot the difference: Rosie Duffield broke the rules, Dominic Cummings didn’t.

“To add insult to injury, she happily posted hypocritical tweets admonishing others for failing to obey the guidelines.”

Leave.EU said on Twitter, “Duffield’s resigned as whip so she’s being turned into an exemplar by the media. Nonsense, you can’t compare looking out for your child with trying to keep the passion alive. The big question: how many pious Labour MPs snuck out to hold hands (sorry, go for a walk 2m apart).”

However, some people on social media have supported her mover to resign, but this has also bought Cummings back into the fray as people are calling on him to resign.

A person tweeted, “Was Rosie Duffield wrong to break lockdown? Yes. Is it right she’s resigned as Whip? Yes. Has she apologised?

“Yes. Should Cummings do the same and resign? Yes. If not should the PM sack him? Yes absolutely- today!”

Liberal Democrat Ed Davey MP paid respect to Duffield, but slammed Boris Johnson over Cummings.

Davey said, “Huge respect for Rosie Duffield: she made a mistake, apologises & takes the consequences

“As did Neil Ferguson & Catherine Calderwood So what’s so special about Cummings, @BorisJohnson?

“Your arrogance undermines public health. Sack him.”

Duffield also told the Mail that the ensureyd social distancing during the walk.

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