Home Business News Kyiv considers pricing Russia oil at $30 a barrel is ‘a better proposition’ and this will be ‘a winter that everyone will remember’

Kyiv considers pricing Russia oil at $30 a barrel is ‘a better proposition’ and this will be ‘a winter that everyone will remember’

by LLB political Reporter
27th Nov 22 12:55 pm

President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that he considers the level of restriction of prices for Russian oil at $30 per barrel are justified.

During a video conference call at the EU International IDEA symposium he said, “Limiting the price of Russian oil, they sound like $60-70 per barrel, this is, of course, a giveaway.

“More like a desire to portray something than to do. I am grateful to our Baltic and Polish colleagues for their suggestions.

“A price cap of $30 a barrel seems like a better proposition.”

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He said that this year the front line in Ukraine has become the line of Europe’s struggle for itself, adding, “Some 274 days have passed, and it is clear that Russia’s anti-European aggression is failing, and European freedom will be guaranteed.

“Russia is still resorting to various forms of terror. Russia still has enough missiles and artillery to kill people every day and provoke new difficulties for Ukraine and all of Europe.

“But there is not and will not be that on which Russian imperialism has always placed a key bet and which, in the end, led Europe to defeat.

“There are no splits between Europeans.”

President Zelensky said that the task of “preserving such a reality in Europe the number one job.”

He added, “when we rebuild the energy sector to withstand Russian terror, this is the restructuring of Europe.

“When we restore our infrastructure, social facilities, housing to provide for the Ukrainians, we give an incentive to all of Europe to work for themselves with us.

“When we look for and find new logistics, production and trade opportunities for Ukraine, we look for and find them for everyone who cooperates with us.

“We do it equally.

“We do this for our common interests. And this is how – in order to strengthen us all – we must also overcome the key challenge that exists now.

“We must get through this winter, a winter that everyone will remember.”

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