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Analyst claims that Putin’s ‘intention’ is ‘to mobilise’ with luck ‘up to two million people’ and ‘extend martial law’

by LLB political Reporter
26th Nov 22 11:03 am

It has been claimed that Vladimir Putin’s “intention” is to mobilise “with luck up to two million people” after the New Year celebrations.

The Russian leader has so far been humiliated in his war efforts in Ukraine and in a last ditch attempt it is believed to try and take Ukraine impose martial law and mobilise more reservists.

It has been claimed by Russian sources that martial law could be imposed in Moscow and St. Petersburgh.

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The General SVR Telegram channel announced that mobilisation is set for January, they said, “Putin considers it ‘sufficient’ to call up another two million people, of which about 300,000 are women.

“A large number of victims among those mobilised, according to the president, will only rally Russian society and strengthen the current regime, and regardless of whether the result will be victory or defeat.”

An observer of the Russian leader, Valery Solovey, who is a former professor from Moscow’s Institute of International relations added, “The intention [is] to mobilise not 300,000, 400,000, or 500,000 but, with luck, up to two million people…after the New Year celebrations.

“Moreover, it is planned to conduct the mobilisation at the same time as introducing martial law.”

Solovey added, “It is supposed to extend the martial law either to the entire Russia or to a significant part of its territory including the Russian capitals – the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg.”

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