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Johnson pledges £100m to boost prison security

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
13th Aug 19 10:10 am

With many prison’s having a huge drug, weapons and mobile phone problem Boris Johnson has said prisons in England and Wales will receive £100m to improve security.

The government said airport style security X-ray scanners and metal detectors will be introduced. By preventing drugs, weapons and phones into prison it will prevent prisons from becoming “factories for making bad people worse.”

However, Labour has said this move is “tinkering” and cuts in staff has led to “unprecedented levels of violence in our prisons.”

Andrea Albutt, president of the Prison Governor’s Association said of the £100m funding, “This can’t be one-off. We do need to have recurring money because it isn’t just around the staff to run the kit.

“It is around the technology that will give us a rich source of security, so we need to beef up our security departments in prisons, so we can identify who the key players are in prisons.”

She added, “[Drugs] are an absolute driver of violence in our prisons.

“It causes debt, it causes bullying, and intimidation.

“If you look at the prison safety statistics over recent years, month-on-month they hit record highs [for] prisoner on prisoner violence, prisoner on staff violence.

“We have got high levels of suicides, very high levels of self-harm, and this is all linked to drugs.”

And Frances Crook, chief executive of The Howard League for Penal Reform said, “It is shameful that prisons have deteriorated so badly that they have become centres of crime and violence and drugs.

“Now the government has to pour good money after bad to try and solve a problem that they have created.”

Liberal Democrat justice spokeswoman Wera Hobhouse said this is a “hollow move” and money should be spent on rehabilitation.

Hobhouse said, “Boris Johnson can lock people up for longer or search people on their way in and out of prison, but none of this bravado will actually make our streets safer.”

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