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It's our second birthday! We're going to show you some of our best bits…

6th Sep 13 12:18 pm

Do you remember this one?

The ground-breaking features…

Five reasons why the London property bubble will burst

Jul 2013: Stop being overly optimistic

How China bought Britain

June 2013: Heathrow? Check. Thames Water? Check. Superdrug? Check.

Weetabix, as the British cereal is to come under Chinese ownership

Weetabix, as the British cereal is to come under Chinese ownership

7 most annoying Thatcher myths

Apr 2013: Sinking the Belgrano was a crime? Not even the Argentinians believe that

How Burberry conquered China

Jan 2012: Burberry reports another strong performance: Q4’s revenue up 21% on Q3 at £574m. We ask, how does it do it?

Burberry in China

Burberry in China

Drugs and dotcoms: How the legal highs industry exploded online

Aug 2012: Public outrage over “research chemicals” is at a peak. We meet the people behind the websites selling them

Hyde Park to be turned into a ‘morgue’ in worst case scenario

May 2012: One in four of the apartments lies empty. Can One Hyde Park really be called a good investment?

E-GUIDE: Cloud for business: How cloud enables strategic advantage

May 2012: Confused by cloud? Want to know how it can help you gain long-term competitive edge, cut costs and innovate?

The untold story of squats: gentrification and regeneration

Oct 2012: Should squatting be a criminal offence or can it have a positive impact?

Drugs and dotcoms: How the legal highs industry exploded online

Jul 2012: Crazy legal wrangles, enraged councillors and tight-fisted punters are hurting London’s finest bordellos

Lap dancing

Security expert warns Google down ‘could be 9/11 of hacks’

Feb 2012: Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil”. So is it?

Reasons you should fear Google

Reasons you should fear Google

Editor’s comment: Should we care that M&S could fall into Qatari hands?

Sep 2011: From Canary Wharf to Camden Market to keeping the heating on – the tiny oil-rich state is becoming one of the most powerful forces in London


The interviews with the people really shaping London

Nigel Farage is a “sexist, Stalinist dictator”, says UKIP treasurer Marta Andreasen

Feb 2013: Rebel UKIP speaks out

The £500m-turnover London telecom business you’ve never heard of

Jul 2012: Ratheesan Yoganathan is the CEO of Lebara, the sim card business aiming for 1 billion customers by 2020

Gumtree advertises two of the world’s three rare Range Rover Sports

Apr 2012: The low profile founders of one of the dotcom era’s greatest successes give us a rare interview

The Boris Johnson interview: “I’m more powerful than any secretary of state”

March 2012: Boris Johnson says the mayoralty is effectively a monarchy. But is the king doing enough for business?

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Exclusive interview: Bernie Ecclestone on bribery, women and Murdoch – part 1

Sep 2011

You’ve got to hand it to Bernie Ecclestone. He’s almost 81. A ripe old age. And yet he’s never been more powerful.

Bernie Ecclestone


The exclusives that changed the game…

Green Party leader blames Woolwich attack on UK acting like “the world’s policeman”

May 2013: The killing of a serving soldier on Wednesday afternoon in Woolwich was a consequence of UK foreign policy, the leader of the Green Party has warned.

“Osborne is manipulating the Bank of England and OBR’s independence” – Tory MP Mark Field

Apr 2013: Exclusive: Senior Tory MP tells all

Stop the press! Apple is NOT the world’s most valuable company

August 2012: The news reports are wrong. There is another company which is much, much bigger

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Inside Occupy LSX’s Bank of Ideas

Nov 2011: The previously vacant UBS-owned office block in Shoreditch is a new hive of activity as the Occupy LSX activists turn it into a Bank Of Ideas. We went down to take a look around.

Exclusive: London’s Top 20 Mid-Sized Manufacturers

Nov 2011: And 21 per cent of users do it because their boss does!

Drugs being cut up with credit card


Some brilliant columnists…

Data Baron: Forget Tech City! It’s Silicon Jungle, more like…

August 2013: Long-time tech CEO Gregory Kris dissects tech’s animal kingdom

AdMan: The sexiest toilet in the world

July 2013: Steve Henry, the advertising legend behind “You’ve been Tango’d” and other iconic ads, on why advertising should stop advertising

Charlie Mullins: It makes no sense to ditch your staff at 65!

February 2013: Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins says that senior staff have more experience than you’ll get in a training manual

Brown’s beer: Alcohol Concern is wrong. We’re not a nation of binge drinkers

January 2013: Beer guru Pete Brown slams the national agency for being “both hypocritical and morally repugnant”

Alessio Rastani: Are traders greedy psychopaths?

Jul 2012: Remember the trader who told the BBC that “Goldman Sachs rules the world”? This is his column

James Max: In defence of Goldman Sachs

Mar 2012: James Max believes everyone has got it wrong about Goldman Sachs, and we should applaud its economic contribution. Do you agree?

A few laughs and eyebrow-raisers…

TWILLIONAIRES: The 7 richest people on Twitter

May 2013: Warren Buffett’s just joined, but he’s not the most loaded tweeter in the world

NSFW! Tory MP accidentally tweets porn site instead of news

Apr 2013: Someone’s enjoying their 11am coffee break…

Rob Wilson porn tweet

Best Jimmy Carr tax avoidance jokes on Twitter

Jun 2012: Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. Obviously everyone has been hitting you back with lots of witty one-liners. Here are our favourites

Jimmy Carr got into some trouble last month over his involvement in a tax scheme

Jimmy Carr got into some trouble last month over his involvement in a tax scheme

Inside London’s £30m+ houses

Jan 2012: Home hunting? Take a look at these gilded mansions currently for sale – they’d make even Lakshmi Mittal’s eyeballs pop

London home

The London Top 20 Fastest-Growing Companies

Sep 2011

In the face of economic turmoil, these 20 London companies have excelled. Find out how they’ve grown

Our business awards and events

Our inaugural London Loves Excellence Awards in June saw Pret-A-Manger, Addison Lee, Zoopla, Brasserie Bar Co and SwiftKey among our winning and highly-commended companies. Theo Paphitis, Willie Walsh, Karren Brady, Tim Campbell, Michelle Mone and many more joined us on the night.

Our London Loves Talent Awards (deadline next Friday!) will be just as prestigious, and we’re proud to bring together another illustrious panel of judges, chaired by Tim Campbell MBE, to celebrate workforce development, talent, skills and leadership.

Our Dynamic Roundtables bring together London’s most experienced and entrepreneurial business leaders to tackle some of the biggest problems our country faces, and we’re very proud to have been the platform for so many game-changing ideas so far.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to many more years to come!

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