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Hyde Park to be turned into a ‘morgue’ in worst case scenario

by LLB Reporter
29th Feb 20 5:02 pm

According to NHS officials one in ten Britons could end up in hospital with coronavirus, who are drawing up a “battle plan” to try an stop the deadly outbreak.

The Guardian newspaper has reported that under the government’s emergency guidelines, to be published next week, military doctors and nurses, Red Cross and St John Ambulance workers could be bought in to help the NHS.

Nickie Aiken, Conservative MP for London and Westminster, confirmed that London’s Hyde Park will be turned into a morgue should the outbreak continues to escalate.

The Daily Telegraph reported that around 70% of Brits may catch coronavirus and around 15% could be placed in hospital.

Health minister Helen Whately, the Conservative MP told BBC Newsnight, “I can’t reiterate enough that we are well prepared, but we do have to recognise that it is likely we will see more cases in the UK.

“We have plans in place and have carried out exercises so in the event of something like a flu pandemic, we are ready.

“And those plans have been continuously updated ever since the outbreak in China of the coronavirus.’

When Whatley was asked whether that meant mass gatherings will be banned and schools closed, like parts of Italy, she said these measures are “being considered.”

The health minister added, “Clearly, how to deal with those sorts of things absolutely has been considered and is being considered. That is rightly all part of the planning.”

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