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Is your digital marketing agency promising guaranteed SEO results

by Digitrio
8th Sep 21 10:55 am

There is no denying the fact that digital performance is the need of the hour for businesses. With the COVID-19 Pandemic firmly establishing the importance of online presence, businesses have started pursuing digital marketing.

This means that brands are willing to invest in strategies like SEO, SMM, SEM, Email Marketing, and more. The only thing that they want to hear from agencies is- Guaranteed Results! This expectation has created a new line of mistrust and false promise building.

SEO agencies will try anything to win your account. There are so many out there, that more than showing your work, it has become all about promising unreal results. New brands and businesses that are just getting into digital marketing want concrete results at all times.

In this resource article, we look at the problem of guaranteed SEO and why you should avoid it at all costs.

Five major reasons no agency can guarantee SEO results

In this section, we are going to look at five major reasons why it is impossible to provide rankings guarantee for SEO-

1. There are too many variables to consider

Even the best of SEOs will not be able to give you a definite blueprint on how to rank at the top of the SERPs. Every site has a different problem and requires a different solution. While someone might have ranked one site, they might fail to do so in another. Competition, site type, niche, quality, content, links, profiling, etc. are too many things that differ from site to site.

2. The competition is always working on its SEO

Understanding rankings is easy. Your website has to dethrone the one on top of it and claim its position. However, the difficult part is that the site on top of you is also doing SEO just like you are. For example, (this is a conjecture), you will be able to overthrow it, if you build more backlinks than the site above you. However, the site above is also doing the same!

3. SEO metrics, best practices, and guidelines keep changing

There is no one strategy that all the brilliant SEOs swear by. In fact, there are tons out there that have brought in results. This means that every part of SEO is about following a trial-and-error model. Yes, there is some consensus, but what works behind the curtain is also something not a lot of us understand (algorithms, crawlers, spiders, bugs, indexing, etc.).

4. There are regular SEO updates brought by search engines and changing algorithms

The aim of search engines like Google is to bring forward the most credible and authentic piece of information to users on the web. The earlier algorithm might have thought your SEO strategy to be the best and hence you were able to rank your website. However, now updates and algorithms have changed and your SEO strategy might have been relegated to a grey niche!

5. Guaranteed results and business performance might differ

Agencies that run on the guaranteed SEO results get the website to rank on the first page for keywords that have frantically low volumes and zero difficulty. They say- voila; you are ranking. However, the keyword is unrelated to your business and is not bringing you traffic, or sales, or any digital performance whatsoever. This means that guarantees and successes differ.

Search engines like Google warn against SEO results guarantees

You need to understand that search engines like Google understand the levels to which SEO agencies can fall. Google’s search engineers know that SEO agencies will say anything to win clients. This can include saying we enjoy a ‘special relationship with Google’ or, we have won a ‘special permit’ that can help us rank on the first page for a keyword.

Google engineers also state that agencies that win drastic results in shorter periods might be guilty of pursuing Black Hat strategies. Black hat SEO is punishable and can invite Manual Action, De-Indexing, and removal from search engines.

A lot of SEO agencies are still actively pursuing black hat strategies and playing hide-and-seek with Google’s algorithms. However, it is impossible to outrun them and a day will come in the near future when your site will get badly affected all thanks to such SEO strategies.

For Google, guaranteed SEO results will bring nothing but misery and problems.

The bottom line

In this resource article, we have looked at some major reasons why you should be staying away from agencies that guarantee SEO results. Good agencies will be far more realistic about their goals, but will not be able to give it in writing as to how they will end up performing. If you have any other questions on SEO strategies or require clarifications on any of the points mentioned in the article, let us know in the comments below. We will try to address them to the best of our abilities.

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