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Is there any really point in doing SEO for a law firm?

by John Saunders
20th May 19 9:50 am

Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO covers all the strategies a business can leverage on to boost their online presence. With the right SEO, you can significantly improve your law firm’s organic search rankings and attract draw more clients to your brand.

Being a long-term commitment, SEO requires dedication plus knowledge to ensure that your law firm stands out from the crowd. Sustainable SEO success can’t be achieved overnight. You should be willing to partner with an experienced SEO agency that possesses the right experience to deliver quality results for attorneys like you.

Here are the top reasons to hire professional SEO services for your law practice:

More publicity, more clients

Whether you’re a small company or a big practitioner, you need a wider customer base to survive on the highly competitive market. Unfortunately, if you deal with common legal issues like car accidents, divorce or wills, it can be hard distinguishing yourself from other law firms.   Having a solid reputation is extremely important, but you’re more likely to achieve substantial growth by targeting the millions of online searches conducted every day. Incorporate powerful Search Engine Optimization for law firms into your content and rank high on popular search engines like Google and Bing. Then convert these searches into loyal clients.

Helps you know your clients well

Of course, the legal language is pervasive in itself. Lawyers write using “legalese”, which is incredibly interesting, but this doesn’t make your law firm approachable to potential clients. Plus, it doesn’t allow your site to rank high on search engine pages.

With the help of an SEO specialist, however, writing at a 10th-grade level and keeping your content clear/concise can readily be achieved. This will, in turn, boost your Google rankings and attract more clients toward your law firm website.

Saves time and money

SEO is an incredible strategy for promoting local attorneys as well as small law firms. Hiring an SEO specialist can be highly beneficial. They utilize various platforms for advertising such as PPC (Pay Per Click) or Google Ad Words, which can make your site rank high on popular search engines like Google. With PPC networks, your law firm business will grow even more. Plus, most SEO services are reliable and extremely affordable.

However, it’s important to note that SEO for lawyers isn’t usually a one-time occurrence. Of course, your web consultant will help you develop your company’s website, but you ought to update the site regularly for it to stay relevant. Both social media, as well as blog posts, should be updated frequently to keep users stuck to your brand and help your firm keep up with its competitors.

With compelling legal blog posts, your search engine rankings can be increased significantly. So, consider dedicating enough time plus energy to your digital marketing campaign.

Attracting more clients

Your site’s ranking is always dependent on the type of content posted. Genuine, relevant, and valuable content is more likely to rank high on search engines. That’s why most people consider top sites to be more authoritative than the lower ranking ones, even though they might have good content.

To achieve high rankings, however, you’ll need the help of a professional SEO agency. This won’t only help your law firm establish an authority but it will also draw in more clients.

Establishing a market share

Legal companies need to leverage the power of SEO so as to attract new customers and boost their market share. Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, meaning a search for anything one might need is always at their fingertips. Getting yourself a good SEO program will help you stand out among your competitors by ensuring that you deliver the right services at the right time and at the right place. Take advantage of on-page as well as off-page optimizations and shine your way to success. The higher your law firm’s ranking in a popular search engine like Google, the more the clicks you receive and the more dependable you appear to potential clients.

High ROI (Return on Investment)

With so many legal firms in the industry, the competition seems really tight. But hiring an SEO law firm agency can help you reach out to more clients and more swiftly. Plus, their prices are considerably inexpensive. As compared to other marketing strategies, search engine optimization is relatively cheap and offers greater returns on the investments made.

Even more, SEO promotes your business on a 24/7 basis. And this makes it possible for clients to access your services whenever they’re in need.

Increase in conversion rate

As your search engine optimization program builds up, you’ll see your business rising on search rankings giving you the opportunity to convert these users into real clients. Nonetheless, this alone isn’t enough. Incorporate conversion rate optimization to ensure that this is increased.

Good SEO for lawyers will include Schema Markups to supply search engines like Google with structured information regarding your law firm. This, in turn, will make your Google snippet more visible and will also increase its click-through rate. Start by hiring a professional SEO agency as they understand all the intricate details that can boost your company’s success. Remember, SEO isn’t about stuffing some keywords, it’s about ensuring you have got an easy-to-navigate website that not only utilizes relevant keywords and clear content but also features other on-page as well as off-page optimizations to help the company rank higher on Google. Well-written meta descriptions plus title tags can significantly improve your law firm’s click-through rates. And the best way to achieve this is to partner with an experienced SEO law firm agency.

The bottom-line

Hiring an SEO company might not look very hard at first, especially for someone who has all the know-how regarding SEO. But the trick is to hire a reliable and passionate SEO agency that’s committed to getting your job done appropriately. Get an experienced SEO professional and watch out for increased organic traffic, improved visibility, higher conversion rates, as well as superior revenues for your firm.

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