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iPhone 8 rumours begin to emerge

5th Dec 16 11:44 am

What features will the iPhone 8 have?

I know, the iPhone 7 only just came out but that doesn’t stop Apple fans thinking of the next gen phone. Will the new rumours be enough to entice android users over to the famous Apple brand? Bare in the mind the iPhone 8 is a little while off yet but here are some rumours that have already come to light.

First of all, with the introduction of Apple’s new headphone jack, be warned we probably won’t ever see the normal 3.5mm make a comeback…

Here are some of the major rumours going around at the moment:

-There will be three models of iPhone, all three will be glass chassis, wireless charging and thinner, brighter OLED screens

-The home button will be non-existent

-Dual optical image stabalisation

These features alone could entice android users over the Apple brand because of their attractive selling points. How nice would it be to have a phone that can charge with no wires? The new wireless technology could charge your phone from 15-feet away from a plugged-in transmitter. The iPhone 8 would have a receiver built into the device to support the wireless charging feature.

Not only this but Apple maybe updating the camera on its phone further, the current iPhone 7 Plus has optical image stabilisation in its wide-angle lens, it’s telephoto does not, the iPhone 8 telephoto lens is reportedly being revamped.

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