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Influencers: Do you need them to boost your brand?

by John Saunders
14th Sep 21 4:24 pm

Any marketing agency knows that one of the fastest-growing and most effective forms of marketing available to brands utilises the popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok – influencer marketing.

An eCommerce agency in London would likely have a dedicated team solely for communicating with influencers to get them working with the agency’s clients!

Previously known as celebrity endorsements, influencer marketing is where a brand chooses a person on social media with a large following to promote their product, and the results are impressive.

Different kinds of influencers

Whatever your brand, there’s an influencer out there for you. Taking the time to research different individuals with specific audiences could be the difference between success and failure.

Can’t find the time to dig deep on social media to find the right person? No problem, an eCommerce agency located in London or any other city will be able to source these for you.

Nano influencers have between 0-10,000 followers and often have highly engaged, niche audiences, while micro-influencers have 10,000-100,000 followers. These may be better for smaller brands with a lower budget, and a long-term partnership with a carefully planned strategy can be highly effective.

For brands with a higher budget, macro-influencers with a following of between 100,000-1 million and mega influencers with 1 million and beyond can have a high impact from just one or two posts, exposing your brand to a large audience and driving traffic to your website.

Striking a deal

If you don’t have a budget at all for influencer marketing, that’s ok! You can always offer them a discount for your brand to share with their followers or send them some free products in exchange for promotion. Individuals who are just starting to build their audiences may be interested in this kind of deal. An eCommerce agency may be able to identify an influencer who would be the perfect voice for your brand.

While some may be persuaded to work with you in exchange for discounts, others will be looking for cold hard cash. Prepare to negotiate a deal, and be sure to set boundaries to ensure you don’t overpay. Typically, a good deal could expect to see an ROI of £5 for every £1 spent, which is a much higher average than PPC or Paid Social campaigns.

Alternatively, you can agree on a commission structure that sees the influencer directly profit from each sale that their promotion creates.

If your brand is inexperienced with negotiations, an agency that’s specialised in eCommerce or influencer marketing will be able to help you get the best deal.

How influencers can benefit your brand

Depending on your goal, influencers can increase traffic to your website, raise brand awareness, or help to increase your following.

You might think that an online audience is a limited age group, but in fact, this is not the case. A 2019 study by Oberlo showed that 76% of Gen Z were on social media, followed by 90% of millennials and 48% of baby boomers. Whatever the age group, there’s an influencer out there that relates to your customer; you just need to find them!

As a relatively new kind of marketing with highly successful results, influencer marketing is something every brand should consider when creating their strategy.

With an endless amount of influencers to choose from in every industry and plenty trying to launch their online career, no doubt you’ll be able to find a few that can boost your brand and send you o9n your way to success!

Though if you’re not sure where to start, an experienced eCommerce agency can certainly provide expert advice and match you with your ideal influencer.

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