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Importance of machine learning for SEO content strategy

by John Saunders
20th Feb 19 10:00 am

The simple key to succeeding in SEO is to answer what the web user is looking for instantly. But it is easier said than done. The tricky part is to figure out what the audience is looking for. That is why machine learning has become so crucial in the SEO industry. Companies spend millions working with experienced SEO companies so that they can reach their potential customers easily. But not all companies get the results they expect. What goes on behind the scenes in any SEO agency is nothing short of mind-boggling, considering the myriad of strategies that can be employed. With the introduction of the machine learning technique or artificial intelligence, SEO developers are finding a way to understand what the audience wants according to their search behavior.

Assists from Google Analytics

If someone is interested in football news in Manchester, then their search will be related to football news. The search engine won’t come up with search results like “food to eat when in Manchester” as soon as you type “foo”. In order to streamline the search results, SEO companies are making the best use of Google Analytics. This has helped in understanding the trend and pattern of the search that users are doing every time they are using their computer, mobile phone or any other device. The statistics of the searches are easy to find out and the AI works on the basis of what the user might want to look for instead of waiting to look at what the user is actually looking for.

Use of content optimisation software

The content of a website is now linked to the search results of a search engine. Most users don’t even type what they are looking for these days. They simply ask Google Assistant the full question they have in mind and it presents the search results instantly. The reason why every search engine is giving value to the content of the website is that users want to see something that is more engaging rather than something too complicated. According to Assertive, users are constantly on the lookout for unique and fresh content, and any brand that wishes to stand out should take a closer look at their content strategy.

SEO companies have to keep a balance between publishing the right content and using the most relevant keywords. Once they are done with the content, the optimization of the data collected from Google Analytics is done and that helps to understand if the content is suitable enough to rank in the top list of the search engines.

Another reason why Google Analytics has become increasingly important for developing a content strategy for a website is that it provides actionable insights that can help in improving and diversifying content. There are many other evaluators that use the same AI principles as Google to help you find a way to improve the content so that the user can get the exact answer to what they are looking for. Satisfying the need of the user will ultimately put a website on top of the search listings.

Machine learning and AI have come a long way, and SEO providers should up their game by including these two in their overall optimisation strategies.

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