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Hybrid workers admit to watching TV when working from home

by LLB Reporter
27th Jun 23 12:03 pm

New survey data has revealed that 82% of hybrid workers in the UK watch TV when working from home, and on average watch 2 hours and one minute per day.

TonerGiant conducted a survey of 2,000 British hybrid workers to investigate how much of a typical “WFH” day is spent watching TV, and which shows are the biggest hits with employees.

How many hours do hybrid workers spend on watching TV when WFH? 

82% of UK hybrid workers admit to watching TV when working from home, with the average person spending 2 hours and 1 minute (or 28%) of the working day watching TV.

Men are 5% more likely to watch TV when working from home compared to women and watch 19 minutes more per day, on average.

90% of Northern Irish hybrid workers confess to watching TV when WFH, which is higher than any other area in the UK.

However it’s Londoners who spend the most hours watching TV when WFH, at an average of 2 hours 23 minutes hours a day, which is 22 minutes more than the national average.

Out of all the age groups surveyed, Gen-Z (workers between the ages of 18-24) are the most likely to watch TV when working from home with 91% of respondents within this demographic admitting to doing so.

Gen-Z also spends the most time out of their working day watching TV, at an average of 2 hours and 52 minutes per day. This is 1 hour and 25 minutes less than a typical 55-64-year-old hybrid worker.

Stuart Deavall, Digital Marketing Manager at TonerGiant said, “The pandemic completely transformed the UK’s relationship with the workplace, with home offices becoming the norm for many Brits. However, working from the comfort of your home can come with its own distractions, particularly when it comes to watching TV.”

“The findings of our survey indicate just how prevalent watching TV has become for hybrid workers in the UK, particularly amongst younger workers who are entering the workforce for the first time.”

“It’s interesting to see that three years after the beginning of the pandemic, the priorities and attitudes of Brits towards their work-life balance continue to shift, with a daily dose of daytime TV proving to be a welcome addition to the working routine.”

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