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How to write an essay and impress your teacher

by John Saunders
30th Aug 18 5:46 pm

I think it is fair to say that teachers award marks depending on how much they have been impressed by your work. You should, therefore, strive to impress your teacher to earn good grades. To impress your teacher, you need several creative writing techniques for students. This article describes some of the ways prepared by experts at perfectessay.com which will teach you how to get your teacher to like you.

Start off early

Starting off early is important as it gives you sufficient time to research and find strong supporting evidence for your points. Do not wait until the last minute to write your essay as it is likely you will not have enough time to put do your best. In that case, you will be able to submit your assignment in time only using domyessay services. Starting off early also helps you to refine your essay till it is perfect by proofreading and editing it where necessary. Additionally, writing under the pressure of the deadline would cloud your brainstorming ability and you are likely to put down vague or weak points. If there is time, it is your biggest asset and uses it appropriately by starting early.

Be creative

Creativity is an important part of writing. You must come up with good phrases for your essay compositions that show originality. Do not always be predictable with your content. Always top yourself with new styles of writing and creative ideas for a topic if you have been given the liberty to choose your topic. Do not go for the common topics, rather find interesting topics that the teacher is not likely aware of and write on them. It will be interesting to read and you are likely to impress your teacher and reward you with good marks. For common topics, find an obscure perspective on the subject and present irrefutable evidence to support your points.

Essay writing services can help you

Sometimes it is ok to seek help. Today, there are many custom paper writing services which can help you deliver high quality papers. These writing services have writers who have vast knowledge in their specific fields and have written thousands of pages on related topics such that they are knowledgeable and experienced enough to deliver exactly what your teacher needs. If you are busy or have a complex topic which you need help with, they will deliver exceptional work which will not only impress your teacher but also help you to earn top marks. So, don’t miss that party or get stressed on how to balance your work with academics, these writing providers will deliver impressive essays for you.

Try a different structure

It is likely that you and your classmates have been using the same essay structure for your work. It is almost impossible to make your work to stand out if it appears the same as any other person. After a few papers, the teacher would be bored and he/she won’t pay attention to the content of the rest of the class as he ought to be. Therefore, make your work stand out. You need to be creative on how you can present it in such a way that it is visually appealing, easy to read. You can also add new elements such as pictures and charts to break the monotony the teacher would have come across the other papers.

Add emotion

Your audience (teacher) is emotional and if you can exploit this human element, you will have hit the holy grail of how to impress your professor. If you have the liberty to choose your topic, choose a relatively emotional subject and structure your content to elicit emotions. This may be hard at first, but you will need to practice to sharpen your writing skills to enable you to exploit this human nature. If you successfully learn how to employ it, use it appropriately to bring the desired effect. Remember not all essays you can employ this trick, therefore learn when and where to use it.

Use proper punctuations

Punctuation is an important part of writing. It helps to bring out the desired meaning in each sentence. Poorly punctuated work is hardly readable and understandable. The teacher has a lot of work to do and if he/she finds your work poorly organized and unreadable, he/she will just give you a poor grade and move on to the next essay. It will not matter how much you researched and or how strong your points are, if they are incomprehensible due to poor punctuation, then they are of no good. Therefore, pay attention to punctuation and use to communicate your message effectively.

Include photographs, charts, and other illustrations

Continuous prose writing is boring. To make the teacher wish to go through your work, you need to find innovative ways to make the work visually appealing and interesting to read. Pictures, charts, and illustrations can help make the work look more interesting. Illustrations also help drive the main points home. They also give an impression that you researched on your work and therefore your content is of high quality. However, use them sparingly such that they do not clutter your work. For each illustration, cite it appropriately and add a short description to connect it to the purpose of your essay.

Use an analogy

Analogies help explicate your points and make them simple for your reader to understand. It is important when explaining complex concepts because they show your mastery and ability to demystify the concept into simple terms. A good analogy will blow your teacher away and it is likely they will use it in explaining the concept to another class of learners and for that he/she will reward you handsomely. Therefore, research extensively and ensure you understand the process, the subject or topic of the essay perfectly then find a good analogy. A good test for an analogy is if it can be understood by a 5-year-old and hence understand what you intended to explain and or describe.

Proofread it

You must proofread your work to ensure your points are clear, coherent and logical. First, iron out all mistakes especially on punctuation and grammar. Then reread each paragraph checking if it brings out the message you intended. Rewrite any unclear points or sentences such that they are comprehensible and mistake-free. Try removing each sentence from the essay and see whether the paragraph changes meaning to determine the redundant and filler content you may have included unknowingly. You can also request help from your friends, colleagues and or family to help proofread your work. You can also revisit the essay later probably in the morning or after taking a nap to you notice more mistakes from your work.


This article describes how to impress a teacher with exemplary writing. It has captured many aspects some of which are done before writing your essay. It shows that a good essay is more than learning smart words to use in essays. It encompasses time you spend in writing, how you structure your content, what to do to perfect your essay among other seemingly simple but powerful techniques. Try your best to incorporate them in your writing and you will notice the difference.

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