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How to set up the perfect at-home office

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19th Nov 21 12:46 pm

Remote working has gleaned newfound momentum in light of the covid-19 pandemic. Suddenly our homes are not only a space for family gatherings or some weekend downtime. They are also our places of work, our online classes, and everything in-between.

Many professionals across the globe had to adapt to working from home life almost instantaneously as lockdowns gained traction across the world. Many revealed in this newfound change, enjoying the slower pace of life that working from home allows. Others, however, especially those with children or noisy households, found the changes challenging at best and struggled to balance work and home.

Nonetheless, there are some fantastic perks to working from home if you can create a professional at-home office space. Advantages include minimal travel time (unless you’re counting the 30 seconds from your bed to the desk), the freedom of comfy clothes, being able to work with your fur-babies next to you, and of course, the endless (and inevitable) trips to the fridge. But how do you create the perfect at-home office?

Here we offer you our top 6 tips.

1. Location, location, location

Estate agents often chant the mantra location, location, location, when it comes to finding the perfect property. However, this is also true for creating the perfect at-home office. While some people might have an empty room that can quickly transform into an office, others need to get a little more creative.

Although an empty room is an ideal spot for an office, there are many spots in your home that can double up as an office space, including the kitchen table, a corner of the lounge, a desk in the bedroom, or the dining room. Spaces with a good source of natural light and ample desk space are often preferable.

Once you have chosen the space from available options, it is time to design your at-home office like a pro. Just remember, a great office space is only as effective as the way in which the business is managed. Utilising online business management tools can enhance business success. One such platform is Indy, a freelance platform that allows small business owners to centralise all operations including invoicing, time tracking, online calendar, proposals, and communication.

2. The practical nitty-gritty

The first thing you need to consider when setting up your at-home office is the practical elements. Considerations might include:

  • Fast fibre internet
  • A workable desk
  • A comfortable office chair
  • Adequate storage space
  • Sufficient plug points
  • A professional background for online meetings
  • Office supplies (such as a printer/scanner, paper, staples, hole punch, highlighters, and files.)

While some people might already have fast internet and the necessary furniture, others might need to invest. If you need to be online, a stable and fast internet connection is a must. Research different service providers to find a package that suits your budget and business needs.

3. Comfort and quality are key

You might be spending over 40 hours a week at your at-home office, and therefore comfort is key. While you might initially want to skimp on furniture, it is a good idea to invest in quality products if you can. Choose products built to last and check their warranty options in case of breakage.

Comfort is also essential when it comes to designing your at-home office. Whether you want to invest in a standing desk or a conventional model, choose furniture that boosts health and supports your back.

When choosing an office chair, some beneficial features include:

  • Height-adjustable models that can perfectly suit your height and desk
  • Built-in spinal support
  • Adjustable armrests, backrests, and seat depth
  • A comfortable, padded cushion
  • A swivel base (360 degrees is ideal)

4. Get organised

Another great way to perfect your at-home office is to get organised. Minimising mess and getting rid of messy tangles of wires can neaten up your office and create more space. Optimal organisation is also about ensuring you have everything you need. For example, if you are using many technological devices (like printers, scanners, desktop devices, and lamps), you will want to make sure you have enough plugs to connect all devices at once.

Some top organisation tips and tools include:

  • Paper trays and pen pots
  • Floating cabinets
  • Binder folders
  • Magnetic boards

Remember, organisation is not just practical; it is also essential to organise your online space. Create specialised folders on your desktop for different projects and tasks and utilise online storage spaces such as DropBox for important work.

Organisation can also be enhanced via online project management platforms. These systems can easily allow you to manage your calendar, projects, time, invoices, and clients, resulting in streamlined operations.

One such platform is the freelancer platform Indy. The site creates a central platform through which to centralise all business processes such as invoices, online calendars, time tracking, contracts, and proposals, allowing for business success and zero stress since all applications are on one platform. This is the perfect management tool for freelancers and allows for ultimate organisation.

5. Storage galore

Another critical aspect of an at-home office is the storage element. In many professions, documentation is vital, and it is thus essential to have safe storage space for all your work-related documents.

This is perhaps more important if your at-home office space is in a communal part of the home, as it can be all too easy to lose papers when your office desk suddenly transforms into your dining room table.

Storage solutions do not have to be huge furniture items or shelving units. A simple cubby unit or desk of draws should do the trick and allow you to store your office goods safely.

If space is limited, you can also explore smart storage options. This might include specialised storage solutions under your desk, a cork wall or board for papers and documents, or high-rise filing cabinets above your workspace. You might also opt to utilise a spare cupboard or garage space for extra storage too.

6. Add some personal touches

Another way to make your at-home office the perfect space is to add some personal touches. Photo frames, pot plants, bespoke furniture pieces, and accent walls can all work wonders to creatively transform your space and make it feel like your own. Since you’re undoubtedly spending most of your day at your at-home office, you want to make it feel comfortable. Spaces that spark joy will naturally boost creativity and enhance workflow and motivation.

The takeaway

Designing an at-home office can be a fun and exciting venture, allowing you to feel more motivated and inspired. And, the Indy online platform is a great tool for any freelancer working from home. Streamline operations including time tracking tools, online calendar options, contracts, proposals and more. By making the most of your space, prioritising comfort, getting organised, and utilising effective and practical online tools to streamline business, you can easily create the perfect at-home office.

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