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How to get a hair transplant in Turkey?

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2nd Dec 19 12:30 pm

If you have come to the point of asking this question to yourself, then congrats! Because you have done the hardest part and been through the questions like: ‘which country is best for hair transplant’ or ‘ how much does it cost for a hair transplant in Turkey?’ and finally decided to travel to Turkey for your hair transplant! Now comes the easiest bit but you are not sure where to start?

Let’s look into ‘how to begin your hair transplant journey in Turkey’.

Choose the right hair transplant clinic in Turkey

‘Who is the best hair transplant in Turkey’ is one of the most frequently googled questions. No wonder! Because it is the most crucial one.

To start with, Istanbul, the biggest and the most beautiful city in Turkey, is the capital of hair transplantation! So, it would be wise to look into a hair transplant in Istanbul. OK, we narrowed down the location. But still, there are plenty of options in Istanbul. Which one to choose? You should have your hair transplant in a safe, hygienic and regulated environment where your transplant would be performed by an experienced medical team. You also need to make sure that you will get regular follow-up services after your hair transplant. Although most patients think it is not important, believe me, it is, as it gives a peace of mind! It is also useful to go through the reviews and ‘before-after’ pictures of hair transplants. All OK, you have checked reviews and ‘before-after’s and yay! have some front-runners!

But here comes another question:

What about all the hassle to organise accommodation and transfers in a foreign city?

Yes, it may sound scary for some! But don’t worry, medical travel companies like MCAN Health offer ‘all-inclusive’ hair transplant packages. All-inclusive hair transplant packages include hair transplantation fee, all VIP transfer services, multi-lingual patient hosts, accommodation at a 4-, or 5-star hotel, pre-operative tests, a care package with medication, lotions and accessories such as a headband and neck pillow, a regular follow-up procedure! Really ‘all-inclusive’, isn’t it? It also includes regular follow-up care which is vital as mentioned above!

So, you made your mind and chose the clinic for your hair transplant. What comes next? You just take one single step and fill in a free consultation form. Then, the case managers would contact you and take it from there. Let me briefly explain in bullet points:

  • You fill in a consultation form to have a free consultation
  • Case managers contact you to ask for the pictures of your head as well as your medical history
  • Based on your pictures and medical history, you will be provided with a personalised hair transplantation treatment plan including the number of grafts you will get
  • Then, you simply choose the day for your hair transplant (remember you need to have 3 days in Istanbul) and book your flights
  • The rest is arranged by the clinic for you!

It is pretty simple, isn’t it? Especially if you choose the right medical travel company which makes you feel home! And if you wonder what happens next, I mean when you fly to Istanbul. Then watch this video here which will take you to your hair transplant journey in Istanbul.

Yes, I know, it is very exciting! Then, çok yakında İstanbul’da görüşmek üzere! It translates as ‘See you soon in Istanbul!’

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