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How red wine can benefit the skin

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2nd Dec 20 12:16 pm

When it comes to alcohol, most of us accept that it is generally not good for our health, with numerous studies showing that alcohol can negatively impact our , liver,  and yes, our skin too! An exception appears to have been made for red wine though, which has been associated with supporting our cardiovascular health and even rejuvenating ageing skin.

Why is red wine so unique when compared to other alcoholic drinks? Well, red wine’s main claim to fame is a polyphenol called ‘resveratrol’ which is found in the skin of red grapes. This compound can work as an antioxidant, protecting you from the unstable free-radical molecules that are often responsible for signs of premature ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

In fact, it has been speculated that resveratrol could help to maintain healthy blood vessels, even reducing unhealthy LDL cholesterol and lowering our risk of inflammation. In countries such as France and Italy, where red wine is more frequently drunk, people enjoy better health and lower levels of heart disease despite consuming more saturated fats and unhealthy cholesterol. It is believed that red wine could be playing a role here; however, this is purely observational and the evidence surrounding the health benefits of red wine is shaky.

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