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How Minted Connect and Cropto partnership will make agricultural products more accessible globally

by Sarah Dunsby
24th Jun 24 9:00 am

According to research from the Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences, market accessibility increases agricultural productivity, economic growth, and food security. Both Minted Connect and Cropto understand the importance of people having seamless access to agricultural products. Their partnership aims to ensure their users can easily access agricultural produce in fractional amounts at any given time.

With about 10% of global agricultural commodity investments projected to be made via blockchain technology by 2030, the collaboration between Minted Connect and Cropto will undoubtedly revolutionize the agricultural sector.

Details about the partnership

By joining ‘forces’ together, Minted Connect and Cropto do not only make agricultural produce readily available to consumers. The partnership also allows investors globally to invest in agro-based commodities 24/7 easily. For Minted Connect, hundreds of thousands of users can buy wheat, barley, corn, and hazelnuts in any quantity investors choose. Users can purchase these agro-based products in 100 grams, 1 kg, 10 kg, etc. Since Minted Connect joined the Visa Innovation program this year, the company has worked greatly on product innovation and market expansion.

In the official press release regarding the partnership, Engin Butun, the co-founder of Minted Connect, said, “It is essential to us that everyone has access to real-world assets. Integrating these assets into everyday investment and savings apps through technology is a crucial step forward.” As an agricultural commodity token platform, the partnership with Minted Connect will enable Cropto to offer its agro-based commodities to customers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom (UK). On the other hand, Cropto CEO Demir Aksoy said, “Cropto is pioneering the tokenization of agricultural products. Leveraging blockchain technology, we are revolutionizing investment in agricultural commodities from Anatolia, enabling everyone to easily invest in desired quantities of wheat, barley, corn, and hazelnuts.”

Overview of Minted Connect

Minted Connect is a revolutionary platform that provides a seamless integration process for precious metals. It is a globally renowned fintech company founded in 2018, where people can buy, sell, and integrate precious metals. Minted Connect’s API-driven service allows businesses to connect to the world of precious metals, offering various products backed by redeemable physical assets.

Since its operations in 2018, the company has served 12 million customers, operates in 11 countries, and processed over 18,000 transactions. By partnering with Cropto, Minted Connect is one course to serve more customers worldwide and make it easy for its customers to access agricultural products in fractional quantities.

What to know about Cropto

Cropto is an agro-based commodity token platform that focuses on the tokenization of agricultural products. It is a subsidiary of AgriFintech Financial Technologies Inc. The company’s mission is to leverage the power of blockchain technology to transform the agricultural sector. There are several Cropto brands of tokens backed by agro-based commodities. These tokens include the likes of Cropto Wheat token (CROW), Cropto Barley token (CROB), Cropto Corn token (CROC), and Cropto Hazelnut token (CROF). The tokens are created to help investors seamlessly invest in agricultural commodities.


The partnership between Minted Connect and Cropto has unlimited potential. It has the capacity to completely transform the global agricultural value chain for agro-investors and end consumers alike. You can visit the official website of Minted Connect for more information on the partnership and its quest to make agricultural products accessible to us.

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