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How do I protect myself from Fake Casino Apps?

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27th Jan 19 9:02 am

Casino apps have become a big trend and are becoming more and more popular. The competition of the providers on the market is now enormous and the user is offered a wide range of different casino apps. No matter whether on the tablet or the smartphone. The apps offer the possibility of being able to completely indulge in gambling fun on the go. Thus there are Apps, which one can use only for fun, without having to play with genuine money or however the correct Casinos, where it concerns then evenly also genuine money.

Some of the providers have already made a name for themselves and are accordingly popular. There are however, as also in the range of the sport bets or everywhere differently also, also here people, who want to have also something of the big money cake. But these people don’t try it the serious way, but through fraudulent fake apps. And that’s exactly what you have to protect yourself against. Otherwise the fun is quickly over and the money is not where it belongs.

What is a casino app?

Probably the most important and decisive difference between a casino online and a conventional casino is that you don’t have to leave your house to play at an online casino. Not to mention that there is a dress code. The apps make it possible to place your bets on the go, no matter where you are. The only thing you really need is a stable internet connection.

And of course the necessary small change.  Furthermore it is necessary that the user is of age. This is the only way to register, verify and play for real money. The offer of the players always depends on the respective provider. This one here for example, https://www.esports.net/bookmaker/10bet/ has a broad spectrum at most diverse apps. From the scratch ticket over the classical play automat up to the Black Jack or Roulette.

Sharing the fun of online casinos is very easy. After one has found the suitable offerer, one registers oneself only times. This doesn’t take long and is usually quick and uncomplicated. And then it starts already. Most providers even offer a money bonus for beginners after they have deposited their first credit. So it is possible to get a little familiar with the system and to watch the individual games without having to go with your own money.

The amount of online casinos or casino apps is now so varied that you can quickly lose track of when it comes to finding the right one. However, there are certain criteria which every provider should meet. These points should be the center of attention:

  • The offer of games should be diverse and varied.
  • Customer support should be competent and easy to reach
  • Sufficient deposit and payment methods (PayPal is a good sign because this payment service only gets involved with reputable partners)
  • Is there a bonus for new customers?
  • The application is user-friendly and transparent.

Seriousness plays a central role in the selection of the right provider. Because the provider can be as good as that. If he only gives the slightest impression that he is not serious enough, customers will run away in droves. Because of this, it is very important to look at the experience reports of the different providers to rule out that you give your money to the wrong one. However, it should also be noted that a casino is still a game of chance and just because you have a streak of bad luck does not mean that fraudsters are at work here.

Fraudsters have always been and probably always will be. And especially in the area of gambling, whole gangs of criminals often have fun pulling money out of people’s pockets. However, a lot has changed in recent years. So laws were enacted and there are rules, which do not make it for the fraudsters by far any more so simply to pull their crooked business through. However, a professional fraudster cannot be prevented from doing so either. Because one can always find loopholes if one is occupied only long enough with it. Therefore it is all the more important for the user to be prepared and above all to be vigilant and responsible with the platforms. In the following, we have compiled 7 features that need to be considered when selecting a reputable provider.

1. study independent reviews

When it comes to finding out whether a provider is serious or not, the user definitely has the Internet on his side. If a certain provider had a case of fraud, this message would spread in forums or comparison sites like wildfire. Therefore, it is important to read through various testimonials before registering in order to protect yourself against possible fraud.

2 How long does the payout take?

The reason why you sign up for a casino app is probably the same for everyone. You want to create a fun balance and win some money on the side. If this happens and you can make a profit, it’s about getting the money paid out. And the disbursement should not last longer than one week as a rule. Everything which goes over it can rightly the suspicion obtain, the offerer would delay the disbursement intended. Many customers will afterhaken and again and again ask where the money remains. Some do not make however that and thus it can keep offerer the profit. This way with your customers to deal is to be evaluated in no case as respectable.

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