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How can AI help parents assist in their child’s homework

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10th Apr 19 3:46 pm

As parents, you feel inclined to help your children whenever they require any help; whether it is to choose the right apparel for their first prom night or to help them finish their homework. The latter is sometimes quite tough on you because you may not be aware of the teaching techniques of modern teachers, and that may create a conflict on what your child learns in school and the way you help them with the assignments.

According to Oxford Home Schooling, only one-third of parents is confident and feels comfortable helping their children with their homework. But that is nothing to worry about as long as you can help them with other homework completion techniques. Artificial intelligence, for one, can come to your rescue and help your kids do better with their assignments.

Use Google Translate for foreign languages

If your child takes a foreign language class and is unable to write a complicated sentence, you can help them by using Google Translate. You may not know the language that your child is learning, but if he/she asks you what the Spanish for the bathroom is, you won’t shun them away by saying you don’t have the answer. Instead, you can be enthusiastic about learning with them too, and Google Translate will help you help your kids with their foreign language homework.

Use online timers

Studies prove that children learn better in short bursts instead of spending long hours with their books. If you cannot help your children with their math lessons or literature homework, you can always encourage them to take frequent breaks. Set an online timer for 15 minutes initially. Tell your kids that if they can solve a math problem in 15 minutes, they can enjoy 5 minutes of TV time. Keep repeating this technique, and once they complete their homework, ask Google Assistant to give a round of applause. This creates a healthy environment for kids to study as they feel more enthusiastic about finishing their homework.

Use online calculators

AI enables you to check your child’s math homework in a jiffy. Instead of using the traditional calculator, all you need to do is ask online if the calculations your child has done is correct. For example, if the sum has a formula where the answer is 3.42 x 49 x 49, you can use online calculators to find the answer and cross-check your child’s homework before they submit to the teachers.

Use online assignment help

Many online assignment websites offer valuable tips to students to help finish their homework quickly. Their service varies from assisting in research, explaining complicated topics, and many more. You can enroll your kid to one of these websites after comparing the features and prices. One reliable name that you can trust in this category is Assignment Expert. Artificial intelligence can help match your child with a friendly tutor who will guide him/her with their homework issues.

Helping your children with their homework doesn’t necessarily mean you need to write or solve problems on their behalf. You can help them in other ways too because at the end of the day, what matters is your child completing the homework within the deadline while ensuring that they’re learning their lessons.

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