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How can a summer course change your life?

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16th Sep 19 10:48 am

It’s a competitive world where aspiring for a dream degree is not enough if you don’t put in the required amount of hard work into it. The stringent entry-level requirements can be another hurdle in your way that you have to step over to reach your destination. For that, you must first create a space for yourself, and that can happen if you join a trustworthy and experienced summer school in Cambridge. It can be a brilliant choice to make. How? University summer programmes can influence your social life, academic journey, and career.

The social life

A new and long-lasting friendship

The summer school allows you to meet many new people of your age and mingle with them. The residential setup and small classroom further facilitate the process of knowing and understanding each other both inside and outside the classroom. Since students come from different corners of the globe, you get to form a bond with diverse nationalities.

Social skill development

Due to the smaller classroom settings, even the shyest persons can slowly open up and exchange their ideas and opinions with the group. Plus, you have to interact with people from numerous walks of life and backgrounds to become comfortable mixing with them. The hesitation naturally wanes even though the country is new for you.

Local exploration

Many summer schools in the city provide leisure activities for pupils so that they can relax after an intensive study session. The plan can include sightseeing tours of the nearby areas through boats or cruises and sports. Overall, you can expect your summer course to help you enjoy the fun of being a tourist also, giving you a taste of regional culture and lifestyle.

The academic journey

Focused learning atmosphere

These schools create a productive learning environment so that you can immerse yourself in the momentum of study without any distractions. You realise its contribution in your life when you see your knowledge and depth of understanding increase.

Educational skills

The choice of the study format of a summer school indicates its intent. Smaller learning group, dedicated tuition hours, and well-designed school environment can be useful hints in this direction. These elements help you acquire the necessary skills required at a university level, such as participation in debates and discussions, essay writing, comprehension, analytical thinking, and more.

Inspiring academic atmosphere

One thing that distinguishes summer schools from any regular educational institution is its environment. The summer schools feature an extremely scholarly setup. There is no deadline, but there is no lack of discipline too. You study your favourite subject in the company of like-minded individuals. Hence, the chances of disruptions are almost naught. You can find the ambiance in a summer school to be refreshing compared to your regular school because of the high level of energy and involvement here. It can help you prepare for your university education by enabling you to explore your keenness in the subject. You don’t need to feel awkward for your thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Also, since you can have an opportunity to study on the premises of the top-rated universities of the world, it can feel surreal as a teen.

Value-addition to the university application

Opting for a summer course is in itself a massive statement about your interest and passion as a teenager. When you pursue a course like this, you advertently or inadvertently reveal your seriousness about the subject to the university where you want to apply. It does add a lot of weight to your application. At the same time, it enables you to nurture the skills and knowledge needed for your choice of subject. You can express yourself well when writing a personal statement and comments about the topic. Besides, you can also handle the university’s interview process (where applicable) with the utmost ease.

The employment story

Transferable skills

When you do a job, you need to possess a specific skill set to progress in your field. It includes people’s management, interaction, communication, time-management, etc. A summer school can infuse all these abilities in you through its rigorous yet relaxed training system. Hence, you don’t struggle when you join a workplace with any of these areas.

Competitive edge

Most of the people competing for a position in a company will likely have similar qualifications. But you can stand out from the crowd by showing this additional element – your experience and skills gained at a summer school. Companies look for individuals who possess something extra, and you give them exactly this.

If you look at it, you will understand the multidimensional effect of a summer program in your life. From being able to convey your ideas clearly to understanding the complexities of the subject you take up; you can notice a significant improvement in yourself from many angles. And after the course, when you successfully get through a degree course or find out a dream job, you can feel even more enthusiastic about the decisions you made in your life.

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