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How a local agency can help in international debt collection

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22nd Mar 19 11:58 am

International business can make your firm grow, but there are also chances of running into a bad debt if your customers don’t pay on time. Many companies tend to delay their payments, especially if their location is in another country. The only way to revive the money back is by hiring a local debt collection agency in the same country where your customer is from.

Finding a foreign debt collection agency

It is easy to find a reliable debt collection agency that can convince your international customers to pay the money back quickly. However, you need to ensure that the track record of the company is excellent in that country. You can check their referrals section to see the companies they have already worked with. Additionally, you should search for the payment methods, reporting, and debt collection techniques that the international debt collection company follows in your customer’s country.

How foreign debt collection agencies work

International debt collection works differently compared to personal debt collection. Disputes are common both in the domestic and international market. Customers often take advantage of lenders because of poor paperwork. But the debt collectors who know how B2B debt collection work will find a way to deal with these disputes better. They have good knowledge of the leverage that the customers may have, and they try to work it in their favor to assess if the collection is possible.

The leverage of the customer is a combination of commercial interests between the client and the debtor. You will have options to enforce the debt legally. But the debt collection agency is a better judge to decide what the strategy should be to collect the money. Since international debts involve a more substantial amount than domestic claims, the stakes are much higher. So, hiring a local debt collector becomes essential. They may charge a flat fee or a percentage of the amount they collect back from the borrower.

Sometimes litigation is the last resource to overcome the debt dispute. The entire decision is dependent on the leverage of the borrower on your company and the amount of money at stake. If no other debt collection strategy works on the customer, then you should go for litigation. Agencies that have an international presence will prove their worth by informing you about previous cases they have handled.

When you hire such a debt collection company to collect money from an international customer, you not only hire them for a one-time job. It is a long-term relationship that will continue to flourish because it is almost impossible to do away with bad customers who tend to delay payments and sometimes, not pay at all.

Most importantly, debt collection methods differ from one country to another. What works in your country may not be the ideal rule in another country, and that is why the debt collection agencies play a vital role. You should let them follow their methods because, at the end of the day, you can only rely on their abilities and hope that you get your money back in time.

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