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Hottest video trends to watch in 2019

by John Saunders
15th Mar 19 2:25 pm

Ever since video marketing has shown its appearance the popularity of it doesn’t slow down. According to Cisco forecast, online video will account for about 82% of all global IP traffic by 2021. Already now, 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool (Wyzowl, 2019) because consumers want video – 82% of people prefer live video from a brand to social posts (Livestream, 2017). Even though the video marketing is not passing trend it has a tendency to develop and leave some of the popular in the past tendencies behind. Staying on top of video production and delivering the right content is key to overcome the competition and reaching your customer. In this article, you can see 7 hottest video trends in 2019 to follow.

1. Live videos, Instagram stories



No one could imagine that the bite-sized videos produced on the go can become so popular. Instagram stories, Snapchat videos, and Facebook live videos are ruling the social media world. For the business to be socially-engaged and appear where your customer it means a lot, from raising brand awareness to converting viewers into buyers. With 400 million users watching Stories on a daily basis you must be there for your audience.

Tip:  Go LIVE and run a Q&A session to engage your potential customers and get instant feedback. Such added personalization to your videos will encourage viewers to stick around for long.

2. Product videos (Asos, Amazon)



Nearly 50% of internet users are looking for product videos before visiting the store (Google, 2016). In today’s fast-paced world online shopping is growing in huge leaps. However, you still don’t get an option to touch the physical product, this is the reason why product videos are so popular. Asos, the e-commerce clothing retailer, is great at offering its users short product videos featuring models wearing selected outfits.

Tip: Showcase a product close-ups in a 30-second short video clip including “How to” tips. Show your customer how easy it is to use your product.

3. Animated videos



Flat-lay photos are no longer the Instagram trend only. Minimalism and colorful elements can also tell a story no worse than an action video. Animated videos are great at transforming a thousand words and numbers into consumable information to remember. Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners, who need to see pictures and graphs to visualize. The best way how to pass the bulk of information is video + infographics.

Tip: Cut on production costs and save your time with online video making tool Renderforest – you get a chance to choose a suitable template with over 500 interactive scenes, including characters, typography, characters, and astonishing animation. All this for free in your browser.

4. Video in emails



Did you know that including video instead of pictures in your email increase clicks by over 21% (Wistia, 2017) and according to Implix Email Marketing Trends Survey integrated videos in the emails increase click-through rates by over 96% on the first introductory email? Sending videos in emails is still tricky. The biggest struggle can be with embedding the video into the email itself due to technical issues or big file size, however, you can always create a picture that looks like a video thumbnail instead and set a redirecting link to the actual video.

Tip: Use the word “Video” in your subject line to increase the open rate. Do not set Autoplay, give your viewers some space and ability to play video themselves.

5. 360-degree video

Today many real estate agents are using 360 videos to show the properties online and give the immersive interactive experience. With the possibility to explore outside the frame such video posts are becoming more engaging and having a lasting impact. In 2018, only 14% of video marketers have used 360 videos and 74% out of those say it’s been successful. This is just the beginning of an innovative way of how to market products online.

Tip: Post videos to the platforms that are supporting 360 video – Facebook and YouTube.

6. Mobile Video Optimization



Facebook Q4 report 2018 revealed there are 2.32 billion monthly active users with over 1 billion of those mobile-only. With such huge raising numbers in digital, no doubt marketers are taking this into consideration as already in 2017, 81% of marketers were optimizing their social videos for mobile viewership. According to Cisco predictions, mobile devices will account 71% of total IP traffic by 2022.

Tip: Create vertical videos instead of horizontal as it all ends with a smartphone. Don’t force your customer to do extra effort – social media users prefer vertical videos.

7. Vlogging for business



Vlogging is not the same as blogging. Urban Dictionary comes up with a definition or Vlogging – “a blog that uses digital videos as entries instead of text.” Vlogging is huge on YouTube, where people keep posting their daily routines, breakfast preparations or scenes from summer vacation. This form is popular as it gives viewers a peek into vlogger lives. In 2019, you can expect this practice to become popular for business accounts. A great example is entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk who runs his YouTube channel with nearly 2m subscribers. In between Gary’s daily life he shares with the audience valuable business advice.

Tip: Create a plan for vlogs to not forget creating and sharing a video. It is important to post videos frequently as viewers prefer to subscribe to active channels.

We will see a lot of changes in digital marketing during 2019, what doesn’t change is the focus on your audience. You still need to understand your potential customer, listen to their feedback and craft appropriate messages to increase engagement. If you haven’t already started using videos in your marketing, it is time to start doing it. If you are already using videos for your strategy, take into consideration trends to make the most of video content this year. The secret to success is to try new things.

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