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Honda launches a robot that cuts grass

by LLB Reporter
24th Aug 18 8:04 am

Britain’s gardening habits may be about to undergo a revolution, thanks to Honda’s cutting-edge lawn-mowing robot that’s set to earn its stripes.

Honda’s Miimo is an autonomous android that may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but you can buy one today. And that’s great news for gardeners, as research carried out by the Japanese company showed that 40% of lawn-mowing Brits would like a green-fingered robot to help keep their lawn areas nice and neat.

According to a YouGov survey carried out for Honda, four in 10 people would love a robot to mow their lawn. And what would they do with the time it would save them? Well, 50% of garden-owning Brits would spend more time outside.

People also said they would enjoy more time reading, exercising or spending time with their families, meaning a Miimo could be a great tool not only for the garden, but for family harmony and self-betterment too.

And that’s where Honda comes in, with the innovative Miimo. The Miimo uses the latest advanced autonomous and automated technology to carefully follow the contours of your garden, mulching the grass cuttings as it goes.

Unlike a human being, it’s also happy to mow the lawn in any weather conditions, all year round, meaning that once you’ve introduced Miimo to your garden, you’re simply left with a neatly manicured lawn.

The robot has a discreet docking station that you can locate anywhere in your garden for it to recharge, while the Apple and Android-enabled app HRM3000 version allows you to set grass length, frequency of cuts and even a monthly timer. It also has child and pet recognition monitors, ensuring the safety of all garden users remains uncompromised.

Steve Morris, Head of Power Products at Honda (UK) said: “Mowing the lawn might not be as unpopular as doing the washing up or putting the bins out, but this survey also showed that almost 40% of British gardeners (39%) spend more than half-an-hour each time they cut the grass – so it’s certainly one of the most time-consuming.

“Our research also shows that gardening remains one of the country’s most popular hobbies, and with Miimo taking care of the most demanding task, that leaves Britain’s green-fingered gardeners free to enjoy the more creative side of gardening while Honda keeps the grass neat and tidy.”

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