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Global nuclear conflict is ‘more probable’ than to accept defeat in Ukraine as ‘we’re all going to die someday, it is what it is’

28th Apr 22 1:01 pm

There are daily threats of an all out nuclear conflict coming out of Russia against the West and Russia’s chief propagandist who is a friend of Vladimir Putin has suggested nuclear conflict is “more probable” than to accept defeat in Ukraine.

One of the highest mouthpieces for Putin and the Kremlin warned that the Russian President  is now more likely to press the red button.

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Margarita Simonyan, editor of state broadcaster for RT said a nuclear war is “horror to me” and she then added, “but it is what it is. We will go to heaven while [the Western powers] will simply croak… we’re all going to die someday.”

Last night the Kremlin’s mouthpiece warned, “Either we lose in Ukraine,” she said, “or the Third World War starts.

“I think World War Three is more realistic, knowing us, knowing our leader.

“The most incredible outcome, that all this will end with a nuclear strike, seems more probable to me than the other course of events.

“This is to my horror on one hand,” she told a panel of experts.

“But on the other hand, it is what it is. We will go to heaven, while they will simply croak… We’re all going to die someday.”

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergie Lavrov warned the current situation with the West is far more dangerous, because the nuclear weapons we all have today are more powerful.

Lavrov was asked on Russian state TV this week if the Cuban missiles crisis during the Cold War can be compared to the East and West standoff.

Lavrov said, “During the Cuban Missile Crisis there were not many ‘written’ rules.’ But the rules of conduct were clear enough.

“Moscow understood how Washington was behaving. Washington understood how Moscow was behaving.

“Now there are few rules left.”

Lavrov was directly asked over the threat of nuclear war, he added, “The risks are very significant.

“I do not want the danger to be artificially inflated [but] it is serious, real. It cannot be underestimated.”

Yet again Putin warned on Wednesday late afternoon that if any country still continues to supply Ukraine with weapons there will be a “lightening fast” response.

Putin told lawmakers in his home town of St. Petersburg, “If someone intends to interfere in what is going on from the outside they must know that constitutes an unacceptable strategic threat to Russia.

“They must know that our response to counter strikes will be lightning fast. Fast.

“We have all the weapons we need for this.

“No one else can brag about these weapons, and we won’t brag about them. But we will use them.”

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