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Getting Instagram followers to raise your profile

by Sarah Dunsby
20th Nov 18 9:51 am

The harsh reality of Instagram is that the most popular accounts are the ones who have the most attention paid to them. People take what they say as gospel whereas Instagram accounts that have less followers do not get to have their opinion valued as highly. Therefore, it becomes clear that the way to make an impact on Instagram is to have a loyal army backing you up. This in itself, is something that takes time but once you have it, it’s important to know how to put it to work in your favour. This is especially the case if you are a business on Instagram as there are 25 million businesses active on Instagram and 80% (800 million) of all Instagram users follow a business. Turning your Instagram account into a big one and being able to capture the attention of millions of people can only be a good thing for you and your business.

Why buying Instagram followers can be beneficial

If you are thinking of ways to boost your Instagram account’s engagement and interaction with other Instagram users in a significant way, then one option which you ought to consider is approaching some of the websites out there which offer you the chance to buy active Instagram followers. By buying them, you can count on their interaction for the content you post and you can also be assured that that interaction is coming from a real person with a genuine Instagram account. If you don’t believe it, have a look for yourself. These accounts have likes, comments and followers. They upload their own content and have completed their information, so you can get a good idea of what the person behind the account is all about. This is a key factor to consider when you are shopping around for Instagram followers that you are willing to pay for. This has become something of a lucrative business and, unfortunately, there are some websites who, while delivering what they promise in terms of likes or followers or comments, rely on bot accounts to provide these services. While the stats still add up, the smallest amount of research into these accounts shows that they are automated accounts with little or no real content and their interactions, particularly comments, can prove to be generic or irrelevant. You are much better off paying for real Instagram users to be your followers.

What can followers do to help you grow?

With real Instagram users as your followers, you know that they are going to interact with your account in a genuine way, such as they would with other Instagram users. Its a simple touch that adds a considerable amount to your profile’s reputation. Followers will like your posts and add relevant comments underneath your pictures. These actions will draw more attention to your account and, if you are using it for business purposes, to your brand and products and services. With real Instagram users getting behind you, it is quite likely that their followers will be sucked in as well, intrigued by what it is your profile offers that has caught the attention of your new follower. In addition, by being your followers, their numbers boost your number of followers, something which can be used to your benefit in the longer term.

Likes are the way to show your popularity

With these followers on your side, you can count on them to like your posts. You can have them like as many posts as you wish or get them to focus on lower rated posts when you feel that they could do with an extra boost. In addition, you can also have them like posts that you are using for promotional purposes, such as when you are announcing a sale or a new product launch. This is the perfect time to bring more attention to your account and, with your followers’ likes, you can get a lot more attention than if you were to try and stick it out on your own.

Using comments to get attention

Comments are another effective way that Instagram followers can help you out in your quest to increase the profile of your Instagram account. By getting your followers to weigh in with relevant comments whenever you post an update on Instagram, they can draw attention to certain features of your post or highlight an issue that you wish to address. The key thing in this context is for your followers to make relevant comments. Comments such as “looks good” or “well done”, while meaning well and looking good, are not going to help you promote the product or service you want people to focus on. A better option would be to have them ask questions about the content in question or to ask for more information. You could even have them post mini-reviews or recommendations which should be enough to boost the profile of whatever it is that is the focus of your post.

What are the results you can expect?

There are plenty of ways that you can get Instagram followers to work for you and to give you the boost that your profile deserves and to help your business grow and get the added attention it needs. By having your followers fighting for you, you will grow a lot quicker and have a much bigger impact on the social network.  Once you get a large and regular amount of attention then more of it quickly comes along. Growth in likes, comments and followers will catch the eye of other Instagram users and plenty of them will check you out just because your account is proving to be extremely popular. Once you have this audience in the palm of your hand, it is up to you to give them the content you want them to take in.

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