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Get spring off to a great start with these shoes

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18th Feb 22 12:27 pm

Now that spring and summer are on their way, It’s time to take stock of your wardrobe and get some fresh footwear for the new year. 2022 has already delivered a few hit fashion styles, but many of them are rather impractical for everyday use.

Most women’s footwear focuses on style over comfort, but there are no impractical slip-ons in our list; no clunky platforms or precarious heels. The only prerequisites that truly matter are comfort and style, which is why the eight shoes featured below offer the best of both worlds.

Chunky sandals

 Major fashion houses appear to have embraced the mindset of prioritising comfort above all. We say this because of the sheer variety of chunky sandals available worldwide. From bulky buckles to thick soles, there are a ton of options to choose from.

Hermès, Gabriela Hirsch, and MaxMara are but a few notable examples of fashion houses that are offering some chunky footwear this year. If you aren’t too worried about being dressed to the nines every day, chunky sandals are ideal for a wide range of activities.

Jelly sneakers

 Squishy and semi-transparent, jelly sneakers were once a big hit with younger fashionistas. Nowadays, jelly sneakers are all grown up, with sleek design elements and a modernised manufacturing process.

90’s fashion is experiencing a major resurgence in popularity, which is why jelly sneakers are a critical addition to any fashion-conscious wardrobe. Adidas, Nike, and even Christian Dior have jumped on the jelly bandwagon, providing plenty of options to choose from.

Platforms and pumps

 We promised no clunky platforms, but it wouldn’t be fair to ignore the entire range of options when it comes to platforms and pumps. There are many styles that don’t sacrifice comfort for looks whilst still retaining the height boost and leg shaping we all crave.

Brands like Coperni and Saint Laurent are pushing to make 2022 a return to 70’s-era fashion, with pumps and platforms leading the charge from the very front. Whether you enjoy simple heels or architectural ones, there’s an eclectic selection to suit every taste.

Lace-up boots

 From gladiator-style knee-highs to pointed leather lace-ups, boots are getting taller and a lot more seductive this year. The perfect footwear for the short skirts of summer, lace-up boots are great for hot days and warm nights alike.

Choosing a style that complements your look can be quite the challenge. When in doubt, choose a pair that’s comfortable and easy to put on/take off. Whatever you do, don’t sacrifice comfort for style, your confidence will almost always end up taking the hit.


 Both convenient and comfortable, slip-ons are primed to make a comeback this year. It’s hard to stress enough just how important comfort is, which is why we’re glad to see that global fashion has caught on to this simple yet critical life lesson.

No one should have to suffer for beauty. What better way is there to epitomise that statement, than with a fashionable pair of high-end slip-ons? Suede options are especially hot right now, but there are plenty of other styles available as well.

Ballet flats

 International fashion houses like Chanel and Ferragamo are banking on ballerinas being a hit fashion theme in 2022. Classic ballet shoes aren’t the only ones they’re betting on, with hybrid designs featuring prominently in multiple fashion catalogues.

Regardless of whether you prefer a traditional style or some of the more avant-garde designs, ballet shoes have evolved to suit a variety of functions. Some are ideal as evening wear, while others are better suited to a more casual atmosphere.

Sheen and shine

 For the upcoming spring, shiny textiles and bright colours have been dominating fashion walkways across the globe. Almost every shoe style has been hit by this bright colour craze, making it incredibly easy to find a style that suits your preferences.

Crystal-studded Jimmy Choo heels and metallic Prada pumps represent the high-end range of shiny shoes, but there are cheaper options if you’re on a budget. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, go for bold, bright colors to keep your foot fashion on point.

 Hybrid vibrance

 We briefly mentioned this earlier, but the emergence of hybrid shoes is a trend worth mentioning on its own. By combining several popular styles, major fashion houses are experimenting with fresh footwear ideas in a big way.

Almost any combination of styles can be found at the moment. Versace, for example, featured a loafer-platform hybrid in their Spring 2022 collection. From Mary-Jane sneakers to high-heel sandals, hybrid shoes represent an exciting change for the fashion industry.

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