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Four ways to improve your business efficiency

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8th Mar 19 10:54 am

London is the most vibrant city in the world, and it’s also the most exciting city to do business in, which is why so many start up and expanding businesses choose to make it their home. Perhaps due to the many benefits that running your own company can bring, the world of business is more competitive than ever before, and this also a time of economic and political uncertainty which brings both opportunities and challenges. That’s why smart businesses are doing all they can to become more efficient than ever whilst still delivering excellent products and services, and here are four steps that can help you achieve that as well.

1. Modernise your marketing

Marketing is the bricks and mortar which can build business success, because it doesn’t matter how great your products or services are if nobody knows about them. On the other hand, using the wrong kind of marketing can cost you money rather than providing a return on investment. Traditional forms of marketing, such as flyers and leaflets, can end up unloved and unseen, and radio or television ads are becoming increasingly redundant thanks to streaming services. The modern solution is to use social media marketing; by having active social media profiles you can post daily updates on your company and your products, and reach more people than ever before. It can also be much more cost effective than other forms of advertising.

2. Take advantage of the cloud

Cloud computing is much more efficient than using data centres, and so companies that utilise it can become more efficient too. It can pay to adopt a multi cloud solution, such as the public sector multi cloud platform from UKCloud. They’re the specialists in this field with a wealth of experience, and their use of multiple clouds means organisations can make greater cost savings, avoid computing downtime, and benefit from the innovations and flexibility provided by more than one cloud provider at a time. It’s the future of business computing, available today.

3. Don’t be afraid to outsource

A lean company is one that has fewer overheads, and that isn’t paying for equipment and personnel that it doesn’t really need, but of course there may be times when you need further staff or expert help in a specific area. In these situations, it can pay to outsource your tasks rather than recruiting new members of staff to your company. By doing this you’ll have instant access to staff who have the expertise and experience you need, without the costs and delays incurred by a recruitment process. Computing, design, accountancy and more are all areas that many businesses across London are outsourcing.

4. Respond to customer enquiries swiftly

Whether you sell directly to the public, or provide a business to business service, it’s essential that you listen to what your customers and potential customers say, whether that be good or bad. That’s why having an effective customer service operative, or team, can be a great investment. A quick and helpful response is sure to impress customers who write or email to you, and solving any complaints in a timely manner can prevent them from escalating, as well as enabling you to spot areas of your business that could be improved still further. The quicker you respond to customer interactions, the more efficient the process becomes, and the more likely you are to achieve a positive outcome.

Improving your business efficiency can be as simple as outsourcing where appropriate, dealing with customers in a speedy and professional manner, and using social media to maximise your marketing potential. When allied to the use of a multi cloud computing system you could see big benefits for your business in a short space of time, and implementing these four steps can be as simple as it is effective.

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