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Food of the future: Borough Market hosts UK’s first Food Tech Village

13th Oct 17 1:33 pm

One for the diary

Farmed algae omega-3, ‘wonky veg’ hummus and organic face masks made of unwanted hemp husks. These are just some of the exciting and innovative sustainable products available to try at Borough Market during this year’s London Food Tech Week.

From 2 November to 4 November, the UK’s first Food Tech Village will pop-up at the Market Hall showcasing some of the world’s most cutting-edge Food Tech companies.

The public will get the chance to taste innovative food and drink and experience the technology of the future for themselves, some of which has never been seen – or eaten – before in this country.

Claire Pritchard, Borough Market trustee said: “Sustainability is pivotal to Borough Market’s operation, which is why we’re delighted to host this showcase of innovative Food Tech companies for London Food Tech Week. We think this Food Tech Village will take people’s experience of Borough Market to a whole new level, whilst giving people a glimpse into the future of food and drink innovation.”

Some of the companies showcasing their products at the Food Tech Village include:

Simris Alg: The world cannot cope with current levels of mass production in terms of animal products. Based in Sweden, Simris Alg is developing a pioneering solution to this issue: the production of omega-3 from farmed algae as a premium alternative to fish oil.

ChicP:Recognising that 40% of British crops are rejected because of their shape or size, ChicP is a raw vegetable hummus company that is dedicated to producing delicious dips using so-called ‘wonky veg’.

Fresh Check: Fresh Check is revolutionising the way we understand infection by making bacterial contamination visible with a simple colour change from blue to orange. Its products include; Fresh Check Spray, an easy solution for detecting dangerous contaminants like bacteria and bleach, and Smart Use-By Date, which provides an easy on-the-spot guide to the safety of your food. If the label is blue you are good to go but if it is orange you know youcan throw the food away.

Optiat:This beauty company gives a new lease of life to ingredients that would otherwise be discarded. The product range includes organic face masks made from unloved hemp husks and body scrubs consisting of coffee grounds.

Nadia El Hadery, Founder and CEO at YFood, which organises London Food Tech Week, said: “This is the third year London Food Tech Week has been held. This year, we wanted to normalise the concept of Food Tech for Londoners and visitors to give them a unique insight into this amazing, dynamic industry, which is where the idea of the Food Tech Village came from.

“The UK’s first Food Tech Village is a unique opportunity for people to see first hand some of the world’s most cutting-edge food and Food Tech innovations, that will ultimately help us as humans enjoy a much more sustainable future.”

The Food Tech Village at Borough Market is completely free to attend, but those looking to get more of an inside look at what’s in store during London Food Tech Week can visit www.yfood.com/london-food-tech-week. A standard week pass to London Food Tech Week starts from £1,000 with 70% off for food tech start-ups.

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